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To be a missionary without going on the Family Missions

ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi •

On Covenant Day, Monday, 18 December, in the Shrine of Father’s Liberation, in La Plata, Argentina, a prayer chain began for the Argentinean Marian Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement. These will be carried out in Ranchos, Province Buenos Aires, from the 21 to 28 of January 2018, with families who belong to the Diocesan Family of La Plata and have 20 years of missionary experience, and in Seguí, Province Entre Ríos from the 22 to 28 Jaunuary 2018, with families who belong to the Diocesan Family of Paraná who have 10 years of missionary experience. We pray for them and for the rest of the Family Missions in Argentina and all the countries where they will take place during these summer weeks.

What are the Family Missions?

A group of couples with their children and other young people go to evangelize as a family and for the families. They give up part of their vacation for this noble apostolic task. Their mission is to take Christ and the Blessed Mother’s word to the families they visit.

Can we be missionaries without going on the Missions?

Yes! Those who do not go to the Missions have accompanied the groups with their prayer, the Rosary and daily Mass for 19 years. With this intention we unite in a Prayer Chain for the success and fruitfulness of this Mission, and for all the Family Missions that will be carried out in different places of Argentina.

What is asked?

We are asked to pray for the Missions during some time of the day, for example, the Holy Rosary, attend Mass, or make some offering for the missionaries. At the end of the mission day, during the night prayer, everyone who has prayed for the missions is mentioned within a profound framework of gratitude and spiritual unity.

How do we do it?

If you want to unite spiritually with the Schoenstatt Mission, we ask you let us know at: [email protected]. At the same time we ask you make the Mission known and to include the missionaries in the daily petitions at the Masses during the week of the Mission.

In union with the Mission and united in prayer for the Family Missions we affectionately greet you and wish you a Merry Christmas and Peace for this world.

Original: Spanish. 22  December 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK

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