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The grace that Mary gives in the missions is unlike any other experience

URUGUAY, Marcela Vickacka •

The 3rd “Totus Tuus” Mission of the Schoenstatt Boy’s and Girls’ Youth from Montevideo took place from August 24 -27 at the St. Alberto Hurtado Parish in the Cerro area of the Uruguayan capital; 100 high school seniors participated. As in previous years, some of them described this missionary experience through their stories and testimonies.

 I came away with an incredible experience

Totus Tuus was a mixture of emotions, encounters, and incredible experiences. I had never had so many feelings at the same time or in the same place in one weekend.

On the Wednesday before leaving, I watched the weather forecast. A storm was forecast, rain and more rain, I really did not want to go. I knew that once I was there I would enjoy it and that it would be a tremendous experience…but it was hard for me.

Beginning with the bus trip, I believe I felt the strength and other people’s energy. Everyone was in good mood with a desire to transmit the faith and to take it to others. I took advantage of every song, every person, and every home that I visited.

Truly there is happiness in this place. It is a little piece of heaven on earth! I cannot describe the joy, the fulfillment, and the giving of self that there was in the games, prayers, Masses, etc.

Nothing pleased me more than seeing the children simply smile at giving them a hug or going after them at their home.

It is hard to put what I experienced into words; I came away with an incredible experience that hopefully everyone can have and convey that joy to others. Clearly this is not a coincidence, it is all the Blessed Mother’s work.


Sharing the joy of living by God’s hand

This weekend we had the 3rd Totus Tuus Mission in Cerro. The experience was impressive; 100 missionaries went out to share the joy of living by God and the Blessed Mother’s hand, and they met the community from Cerro and St. Alberto Hurtado’s Parish that welcomed them with open arms, great affection, and a great deal to share. Thank you for all the support especially for your prayers; they were felt!

The Blessed Mother does not stop conquering and transforming hearts. The Family continues to grow. Shortly, God willing, we will have new youth groups. We invite you to pray for them!


An encounter with Jesus

Firstly thank you very much for your support and prayers! What we experienced is really unexplainable. It was a continuous encounter with the Blessed Mother and Jesus, in each one of the children, in the families that we visited, in the communities that we formed, and the very real atmosphere of joy and happiness can only be explained by God’s presence.

You must go to the Family Missions! Because the grace that the Blessed Mother gives in the missions is not felt in any other experience (except in Schoenstatt).

Hopefully everyone can have this experience someday!


“I am happy, Lord, I am happy!”

Mission 2017 has ended in which 100 youths gave joy, prayer, giving of self, and great love to our neighborhood.

With that same joy, we say: A heartfelt thank you, our faith and prayers are with you.

And we remind you: This is your home!

So we agree, as St. Alberto Hurtado would say: “I am happy, Lord, I am happy!”

You will always be welcome!

Hilario Silva, neighbor from Casabó

Original: Spanish, 11 September 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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