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Going forth with a Missionary cross hanging from their necks and the Pilgrim Mother in their hands

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“Rejoice family, you are fertile ground:” Many weeks and many special events have passed, especially the blessing of the Talca Shrine, since more than ninety people, children and adults from Talca and Curicó went on mission for a week through the streets of Chimbarongo in Region VI.  However in retrospect and with the distance of time, hearts blaze when these Family Missions’ experiences are told.

For the second consecutive year, Chimbarongo and its people were in charge of welcoming the families, who carried a single message:  The joy of the Gospel.

It was an emotion-filled week, not only for the missionaries, but also for those from Chimbarongo, who re-countered many people that they met the previous year and that had marked their heart.


Going forth with the experience of life

Every morning the missionaries divided into different groups to go out to traverse the corners of the city.  They visited each place with a missionary cross hanging from their necks and a Pilgrim Mother in their hands, and the great missionary transformed it into a home.

During the afternoons, there were workshops for children, youths, and adults with the objective of continuing to establish attachments and sharing the faith through life experiences.  Other activities were organized included: a stage play whose purpose was in sharing the joy of uniting the whole family, some tea with grandparents, bingo, and many gifts and surprises.

In Father Kentenich’s footsteps

That is how most of the days were, but there were also times for recreation and spreading out. As it is customary in the family missions, Thursday is the day for the walk, but this year was special.  We visited San Enrique de Chimbarongo Parish for the second time.  It is a rural parish that our Father and Founder visited more than once in 1948.  Therefore at the pastor’s request, that was the reason we left a gift– a large wayside shrine of the Blessed Mother– in remembrance of Fr. Kentenich’s visit to this parish.  However this was not just any picture, but the wayside shrine that accompanied the Talca Family for more than ten years, and now, since they have a shrine, they wanted to give it a meaningful home.

Through the San Fernando Shrine’s Holy Door

After sharing the Mass in that parish and before reaching the final destination, there was one more stop:  the San Fernando Shrine– a very special shrine since it was designated as a Holy Door of Mercy during this year.

God’s mercy was experienced by taking Christ, who is in my neighbor, to those who need it through the motto “Rejoice family, you are fertile ground.”


What is your mission?

  • “It is fun and you can share with other people,” Ismael, age 8.
  • “To encounter Christ in the eyes of the person who opens the door of their home or their heart,” Coni, age 23.
  • “It is a week of love, where God is manifested in every missionary, and how we can change and be agents of profound change in others,” Gonzalo, age 56.
  •  “To make Jesus, the best friend who will always be there, known,” Isa age 15.
  •  “A road with Mary and listening to God’s soul,” Varun age 28.
  • “A heavenly week!” José, age 20.

Original:  Spanish.  Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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