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How we experienced the National Gathering of the Campañita

PARAGUAY, Martín Pereira •

On 12 August, approximately 600 children from all of Paraguay, all of them young missionaries of the Campañita del Rosario (Little Rosary Campaign), gathered with the coordinators at the National Shrine of Tupãrenda. We collected some testimonies that reflect all of the activities and experiences of Mary. —

“To Jesus through Mary” and “Let the children come to me” summarize how important the gathering of the Campañita del Rosario was. Not only did the children and their leaders enjoy themselves, but all of us were also filled with our Mother’s grace to continue the mission.

Sandra Segovia – Colonia Fram, Itapúa

 The Little Virgin entered my life in 2016, she entered my heart and I joined the Campañita. I did not know how to pray the rosary very well, but the more I learned, the more the Blessed Mother became important for me. Thanks to her now I have experienced many things that not all children get to do. I got to know Tupãrenda, and when I arrived, I felt so very blessed that I see myself as a living Shrine. She changed my life, that is the great miracle that she worked in me.

Daniela Riquelme Núñez – Pedro Juan Caballero, Amambay

Words cannot express what I felt at that moment; much joy and happiness at being able to enter the Heavenly Mother’s Shrine. What I enjoyed most was hugging the Shrine because at that moment I imagined that all the children’s arm were my arms, and that they were so long that I alone could hug the shrine, and I felt very happy. I also liked praising Jesus and knowing Fr. Kentenich and Don João [Pozzobon]. I always want to be the Blessed Mother’s missionary.

Araceli Luján López – Santa Rita, Alto Paraná


My experience at Tupãrenda was unforgettable. It was beautiful to meet very kind people who see things the same way I do, who want to be renewed and be a better person, wholesome with values, and to encounter the Blessed Mother spiritually because she is the Jesus’ mother and our mother too. I encourage everyone to belong to this great movement because it is a great opportunity to open our hearts to the Blessed Mother and God and believe that, with faith, we can accomplish our ideals.

Thiago Cabrera – Encarnación, Itapúa

I went to Tupãrenda, a very large and beautiful place. There is a small Fr.Kentenich museum and there is also an enormous and beautiful church. What I like the most about the trip was that we met many children from all over the country. Tupãrenda is a very beautiful place and I hope to return someday.

Carlos López – Ciudad del Este, Alto Paraná

A few months ago, Carolina, the national coordinator for the Campañita told me that the 3rd National Gathering of the Campañita would be held in Tupãrenda on 12 August. When I gave this news to my little missionaries, everyone was very excited to participate. We met with the parents and started some fundraising activities because we had to travel more than 400 km. We left at 10:30 pm on the previous day, and arrived at the shrine at 5:00 am. The road was long, tiring, but the desire to share with the other little missionaries from different communities and the opportunity to offer the day to the beloved Blessed Mother was stronger and everyone had a rich and beautiful experience. The children thoroughly enjoyed it: the arrival, the welcome, the forming of groups and the recreation. As the Horqueta coordinator, my heart is filled with joy, knowing that I am an instrument of the Blessed Mother and I am privileged to feel chosen, from the many calls that the Lord gives, so that these children can participate in such a beautiful experience. I feel immensely fulfilled. Thank you to Carolina and her team for the opportunity, for the support that they gave us at every moment. She is the great missionary, she will work miracles.

Ortencia Machado – Horqueta, Concepción


Original: Spanish. 30 August 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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