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“Greater commitment, less wear”

PARAGUAY, Tania Bobadilla •

I am a Rosary Campaign missionary, and I coordinate the Schoenstattt Youth Ministry in Horqueta north of Asuncion, Paraguay. On 18 July, the Campaign’s first mission began in Fulgencio Yegros, 850 km from my city. This mission included other youths and some couples, all from the Rosary Campaign, going house to house, taking Mary and her Son Jesus. —

We gave our all in each home

Thanks to the Mother and Queen, I had the desire to enkindle other needy hearts. This mission was a great gift to me from her. Through her grace, I experienced giving a small part of my time to others. I noticed that the Blessed Mother always accompanied me, guiding every one of my steps.

From the first phone call, I once again accepted the invitation to be her instrument. I have participated in several missions since last year, but I can affirm that this mission was different, inexplicable, and very special, because we spent moments we never would have imagined. In each home, we gave our all, and always received a grateful smile during the brief time we gave them.


We were light, love, and the way  

The Blessed Mother loves us so much that she gave us everything that we needed. She prepared everything in her way, and we felt so small and weak while simultaneously feeling her infinite and merciful love. Moreover I felt so blessed knowing that I took two the Blessed Mother had chosen; two boys from my city I invited to go on mission.

Giving my heart to receive hers is an act of consecration. In this mission we experienced an act of total giving of self and love to the families that live in there. We were light, love, the way, and loyalty. Just as Fr. Joseph Kentenich taught us, whoever wants to conquer hearts should give his own heart. We wanted to take the Word and show that God is Love and eternal joy. Thus whoever lives in God or wants to reflect him should at the same time reflect eternal joy.

They are words that make one realize how great the love of God the Father and the Mother and Queen is, how great the Schoenstatt Movement is, and how blessed are those belonging to the Youth Ministry and Rosary Campaign.


In João Luiz Pozzobon’s footsteps

Today we are the ones carrying out that mission the Blessed Mother inspired in João Luiz Pozzobon in 1950. We are eternally grateful to him for his total giving of self to our MTA. Through him we learned and could feel the real meaning of the mission, embodying it in our daily lives, and being witnesses for others.

Let us be living gospels of Christ, with real and merciful love.

Thanks to the city of Yegros that welcomed us, especially the local Rosary Campaign Missionaries that welcomed us with the best hospitality, and to the youths who accompanied us there. Thanks to the Campaign missionary couples that went with us, and undoubtedly were examples of infinite love and of total giving of self to all the people. Thank you to the Rosary Campaign.



Original: Spanish. 29 July 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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