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The Shrine’s graces on the faces of the little missionaries

PARAGUAY, Amada Girett and Martín Pereira •

It was a real Covenant Day during the Blessed Mother’s month. This May 18th, in Santa Rita, Paraguay, we experienced a great moment of Covenant of Love close to our Mother and Queen. It is already a tradition that Bishop Francisco Pistilli celebrates the Mass for the 18th with Fr. Ángel Collar during the Santa Rita novena. The Bishop is a Schoenstatt Father, and because it was the 18th, the local Schoenstatt Family organized the celebration. —


A gathering of the entire Schoenstatt Family at the service of the parish

The members of all the city’s Schoenstatt Branches joyfully gathered: Family Branch, Mothers’ Branch, Rosary Campaign, and the Little Children’s Campaign, as well as the Rosario de Hombres Valientes (Rosary of Brave Men) thus a family atmosphere was created around our Blessed Mother.

The youngest ones can also be missionaries

For the third consecutive year, Bishop Pistilli accompanied us. During this time, at the end of the religious ceremony, the bishop commissions the Pilgrim MTAs to the children of the Little Rosary Campaign. It is an extraordinary moment: children ages 7-14, who have prepared for the great day, reflect a pure, sincere joy of encounter with the Blessed Mother. The three Schoenstatt graces are present in an innocent gaze: sheltering, inner transformation, and apostolic zeal. How can they not feel sheltered if at that moment the Blessed Mother accompanies them to their home?  It is easy to feel that transformation after such a touching ceremony and with such an important bishop recognizing them, and the sending forth. After so many preparation talks, the children are ready, and now the Mother and Queen accompanies them; they should take the Pilgrim Mother to their communities for one year to encourage the prayer of the rosary among their siblings, cousins, classmates, and neighbors.

Closing at the wayside shrine

We closed the wonderful Covenant Day close to the Our Lady of Schoenstatt’s wayside shrine, and then we shared food around a table that was affectionately prepared. Some Schoenstatters from other cities accompanied us. There were songs and recitations for the Blessed Mother; we ended with a birthday cake for the MTA and the ode of joy.

Original: Spanish. 21 May 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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