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She opens the way, even in the most forgotten places

ARGENTINA, Alicia Granieri •

In Alférez Pedro San Martín, a town never actually took shape. Its life revolves around the train station where the train no longer comes, and the small population is dispersed. This spot, in the Partido de Bahía Blanca, south of the Province of Buenos Aires, is a horticultural area irrigated by the Sauce Chico River, which justifies having an elementary and pre-school.

Leonardo Klein is a teaching assistant at the school, and he knows all the people’s spiritual needs living there. The majority are families from Bolivia, and they cultivate their farms. Some months ago, Leonardo, along with Father Javier de Benedetto, from Bahía Blanca, prepared some children for First Communion.

A restlessness that comes from the heart

Leonardo and his wife, Sol, met with Fr. Javier and Alicia and Eduardo Gebert, Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign missionaries, who live in Gral. Cerri, very close to Alférez San Martín. Both of them decided to do a mission in this community with the backing of Cerri ‘s pastor, Fr. Hugo Díaz Súnico.

On Saturday, November 11, they took the Blessed Mother as the first Missionary; they began the mission that continued every Saturday morning. They gathered at 10:30 am at one of the farms, they shared the Gospel Reading, they meditated on the Word, and they prepared their hearts for Advent and Christmas.


Mission possible– drawing hearts to her Son

The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother is the one who opens the way. From her “Mother of the People Shrine,” in Paso Mayor, she goes out to mission among these Bolivian families who receive her with devotion and great love in their humble homes.

Alicia Alota de Gebert shared: “I was touched to see how they came walking from their farms and they arrived at the meeting place. The Blessed Mother is the one who opens the way, so that they will reach her Son Jesus. We receive more than what we give. On December 24, we will conclude this stage of the mission with a Holy Mass; there will be Baptisms and Communions. Then we will have lunch where we will share the joy of the experience, hoping to continue in 2018.”

Original: Spanish. 25 November 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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    Kindly pray for the development of Schoenstatt community in India (Kerala). At present we have some difficulty.

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