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Highlights from the Pilgrim Mother Campaign gathering in Portugal

PORTUGAL, Ana Pinto Camelo •

On October 1, there was an “Gathering” of the Pilgrim Mother in the Shrine of Our Lady of Conception, in Alentejo.

Three highlights of this gathering

The first was the arrival and welcome of the Pilgrim Mothers from several locations of the area of Alentejo, such as Évora, Estremoz, Borba, Coruche and Campo Mayor, which were placed at the feet of the Patroness.

The Eucharist was the second highlight of the entire gathering. The main intention of this Eucharist was Thanksgiving for the walk of Faith of the Blessed Mother’s devotees, and the introduction of the Subject/Motto for the coming year: The Visitation.

And finally, the Consecration of the Blessed Mother’s Families. The afternoon was filled with God’s and the Pilgrim Mother’s graces.

A new “gathering” every month

During the Covenant Day celebration in San de Dios Parish (the afternoon of the third Saturday), the pictures remained during the 7:00 pm Mass, which was animated by the explorers and celebrated by the always well-disposed Fr. Robson, who gave us the joy by spontaneously referring to the Schoenstatt Families who were present.

A proposal, goal, minimum personal conquest as Missionaries was set for every month of the coming year. That is a new “gathering” every month, by taking a picture to at least one more family every month, one more friend, and even a friend who you do not know well.

The Campaign was also very much present in the October 18th celebration in the Shrine of Lisbon.

Testimonies from Cascais Parish

“Thank you for coming to my home. I pray that you extend your protection over our family (which we need so much). Give us your light, your tender and protective gaze, hold us in your hands; if we fall, lift us up making us look at your son Jesus. Bring peace and harmony to all of us. Also teach us to pray insistently. Prayer makes us feel closer to you, and that is what we need and that we have to learn more and more, give us this gift! Thank you, Beloved Mother.”

“Welcoming our beloved, Blessed Mother in our home is a time of joy and gratitude. It is the maternal company that attracts all of us and makes the prayer of this family more alive and more real! Thank you, Mother for all the graces we receive!”

















Original: Portuguese. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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