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A fruitful gathering takes on the challenges of our times

USA, Sr. M. Isabel •

10-12 June, the USA’s (and Canada’s) Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign state leaders met in the Father Kentenich Hall, at the Schoenstatt Center, Waukesha, Wisconsin.

As the culmination of a long day of discussions on how to continue making the SRC a great apostolate in these new times, the state leaders crowned the Auxiliary MTAs. These images came from Louisiana, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin and Canada.

A weekend of great blessings and very intense discussions had its climax in a simple yet most profound crowning ceremony, which took place on Saturday evening during the solemn celebration of Holy Mass.

Queen of three graces

The images were crowned under the title of: Queen of the Three Graces on the Move. This title is most fitting for the Year of Mercy given the fact that the three pilgrimage graces one receives from Schoenstatt Shrines through the hands of the Blessed Mother correspond to God’s mercy to us. The graces are: the grace of being at home, which allows one to grow in childlikeness before God as a father; the grace of inner transformation, for God does not want to leave people in their misery, through Mary’s love and example they are transformed; and of apostolic fruitfulness, so they can share with others the mercies they have received.

Bearing Christ’s image in changing times

In view of the many persecuted Christians around the world, and the subtle persecution Christians are experiencing in the USA, the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign’s state leaders crowned the Blessed Mother in these ten images, asking her to intercede on our behalf.

That being the greatest petition, they also trust that Mary will continue to intercede so they may become like her, bearers of the image of Christ into the world and time. Everyone needs special graces for that! They also need to discover how to best go about it in these changing times. However the Queen will continue to see that they harvest the rich fruits from these graces in their lives and in the apostolate across the USA and Canada.

While this convention was not a large gathering of people, it was perhaps why it was so fruitful.

Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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