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Happy Anniversary Blessed Mother!

ARGENTINA, Diocese of Morón, by Rosita Ciola •

The first MTA Wayside Shrine for the visually impaired in the whole world was blessed seventeen years ago at El Palomar, Diocese of Morón. She chose this place, this neighborhood, this moment to establish her throne of graces and to remain with us forever.

Blessed by God’s love and the Blessed Mother’s presence, since then and continuing today, there has an abundant fruitful life around this place.


In the midst of her people

The wayside shrine is located on a very busy corner traveled by people on foot and drivers, who pass going to and fro to their work, school, shopping, or to take their usual walks. For many, this is a haven of peace in the midst of so much hustle and bustle. Here they can pause for a few minutes to greet her, to offer their day, to express gratitude for some answered prayer, to ask for some intention, or simply to give her a kiss and say, “Mother, I love you.” She is always there willing to welcome all her children, to bless them, comfort them, and to accompany them.


Giving thanks for her presence in the city

On 4 December, the eve of another anniversary, missionaries, neighbors, and friends wanted to celebrate with the Blessed Mother, the gift of her presence in our city.

We began by praying the Holy Rosary accompanied by Fr. César Tauro, who belongs to our neighboring Military Diocese. As the beads passed, people continued to arrive joining in our prayers, while the late afternoon gave us the magic of the sun’s dim rays, one of the few that shone on this very gray day. Thus our prayers were raised to heaven like an exquisite fragrance that emanated from these trusting and loving hearts at the feet of the Mother so that she could gather everything that they contained and raise them to the Father.

Then the Holy Mass transformed the Alas Argentina’s Square into a heavenly place when Fr. Casimiro, from our Diocese of Moron, and Fr. César began the celebration.

By “coincidence” the anniversary of the our wayside shrine fell during the novena for the celebration of our patron, so we took a picture of Our Lady of Loreto that was surrounded by pictures of the MTA. They led this great day of celebration. We shared the novena prayer concluding with the consecration prayer and very touching songs dedicated to Mary.

Flowers for her, food for her poorest children

It goes without saying, that no birthday is complete without gifts and delicious things, the Blessed Mother received many flowers that decorated “her home” including all the love from her children, which was not only reflected in the prayers, but also, in the non-perishable food for her neediest children. After sharing some delicious sweets, Unity Crosses were distributed as souvenirs and as a fervent desire of our people at this very special time for our nation.

Comforted by the Rosary, the Word, the Body and Blood of Christ and for this wonderful fraternal gathering, we returned to our homes with renewed and joyful hearts.

Dear Mother, as always I pray that you will glorify yourself with your scepter; govern and take care of this city and all its residents, Mother Thrice Admirable, we need you, never remove your sun from our sky!


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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