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First commissioning in the Diocese of Morón

ARGENTINA, Morón, Province of Buenos Aires, Rosita Ciola •

On Saturday, 21 November, the Sisters of Perpetual Help Felisa Dorrego de Miró Home for the Visually Impaired joyfully and with great fraternal love opened the doors of their chapel for the commissioning of the first Schoenstatt missionaries by the Bishop of Morón, Luis Guillermo Eichhorn. It was truly touching to witness the birth of the Campaign in another diocese!


More than thirty Pilgrim Mothers waited for their missionaries. It was a marvelous afternoon at the Sisters’ garden. It was not only filled with the freshness and joy of new green trees, the color and fragrance of the flowers, but also with the hustle and bustle of greetings and the joy of meeting the future missionaries, who seemed to be incorporated into this beautiful natural setting that truly gave praise the Creator.

The people sat in the pews as they arrived. Relatives accompanied several of the women; the emotion in their hearts filled with love for the Mother Thrice Admirable was evident. Minutes before the celebration began, the chapel was full. The girls who reside at the home and the Sisters were also present. More than thirty Pilgrim Mothers were placed at the foot of the altar waiting for the blessing before going out in the missionaries’ arms.

Bishop Eichhorn: the importance of the Shrine

Everything was ready. The Bishop began the Holy Mass with joy and piety. There was a familial and intimate atmosphere during the celebration of the Mass. Within a simple and profound framework, they enjoyed every word, every detail and every gesture. The Bishop gave a beautiful homily that included a perfectly clear view of Schoenstatt’s and Fr. Kentenich’s charism. He also mentioned the importance of the Shrine from the Original Shrine to the heart shrine. Finally, he challenged the missionaries to conquer a Shrine in this Diocese of Morón. Undoubtedly, many hearts quickened upon hearing these words. However this great desire remains in the hands of God and the Blessed Mother before the smallness of the community…


Nothing without you, nothing without us– a moment of commitment and grace

After the Eucharistic celebration, the Pilgrim Mothers were blessed and the missionaries came forward one by one. Bishop Luis Guillermo presented them with the Pilgrim Mother with the traditional words: “She is the Great Missionary” to which they responded: “She will work miracles.”

Heaven and earth united to celebrate this event that will remain etched in the hearts of the participants.

As our Father and Founder said: “Gifts are tasks” now let us get to work. The harvest is great and many brothers/sisters eagerly wait to receive the Mother Thrice Admirable’s visit in their homes.

May the Lord in his infinite mercy bless this mission and may the Blessed Mother as the star of evangelization be the constant beacon and guide for all the missionaries.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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