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Fratelli tutti challenges and illuminates Schoenstatt’s social thinking

CHILE, Rafael Mascayano M. •

Since last year, the idea of holding “summer courses in the perspective of the social dimension of the Covenant of Love”, an initiative of Fr. Juan Pablo Rovegno, from the National Direction of Schoenstatt Chile, has been around, transforming itself in the course of time into conferences called “Social Camps”.


However, for this year and at a time when it is summer vacation for us, we were able to carry out a course on Fratelli tutti, taking as a central line the “how this encyclical questions us, challenges us, demands us as Schoenstatters”, in a heterogeneous age group, from different parts of the country, including a participant from Paraguay and another from Ecuador.

We began by understanding the meaning of “what is an encyclical, the differences with other magisterial letters, why it is a social encyclical, etc.”. Then we worked on how it was written, the keys to reading that would allow us to understand its logic and internal structure; the foundation that sustains this encyclical, through the quotations of this document. Finally, we worked on most of the chapters, highlighting the richness of each one of them.

Fratelli tutti

El Papa Franciso firmando la enciclica “Fratelli tutti”

How does Fratelli Tutti question us as Schoenstatters?

All the analyses were complemented by a profound dialogue among the participants which, as the course progressed, became much richer and deeper. Since the main line was “how does Fratelli Tutti question us as Schoenstatters?”, Father Kentenich’s social thinking and the reality in which we find ourselves was always present.

This encyclical invites us to a lifestyle of strong commitment to Jesus from day to day, in the clear and direct encounter with our sisters and brothers, especially with the most disadvantaged. The richness of sharing concrete experiences of this encounter “among” brothers and sisters, collaborating so that people who are in situations of poverty, not only have some sustenance, but can also enhance their personal and educational abilities to overcome these conditions of limitation to their dignity, was enlightening.

It was a beautiful learning experience, to ” connect ourselves with the ideas”, which give us criteria for our actions and, in this way, to go again to the daily reality, to build the new society to which Father Kentenich has called us through Schoenstatt.

Considering the comments of the participants, in March, we will offer a second course on Fratelli Tutti.

Original: Spanish 2023-01-17. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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