Nueva Helvecia

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A long way to go back home

URUGUAY, Alfredo Schiaffino •

2020 in general has been quite different from all the other years we have lived. There were many unforeseen events that came with the pandemic and made us change all our patterns. Almost everything that we took for granted ceased to be so, in just a moment. —

Nueva Helvecia

On our way to Nuevo Helvecia

It’s amazing how everything changes so quickly, isn’t it? It is incredible how we have to get creative, know how to take advantage of circumstances and be attentive to the purposes of time.

We want to return to the Blessed Mother’s house

That’s how, in September, we didn’t find ourselves doing the great crusade we always do and certainly all the youth were left with the desire. But there were many intentions to bring to the Capital of Grace; all the Schoenstatt Family had many things to thank the Blessed Mother for on October 18th. The Blessed Mother wanted to be visited in her shrine and we wanted to return home, we wanted to renew our Covenant in the shrine, we wanted to let ourselves be challenged by her once more.

First, we went to the Movement headquarters in Montevideo, to our home, and after a quick consecration, we went on our way. The first day we walked from kilometer 20 to Libertad, we spent the night there. The Blessed Mother gave us a beautiful moment with Pepe and Francisco, the Oblate priests of Libertad who hosted us and shared their testimony of life.

Under the merciless rain

The second day was very intense, the backpacks began to weigh and we were caught in the rain. We walked less than we had planned and Tony had to come to our aid to take us to the place where we spent the night, so on the 18th we had to make up the previous day’s kilometers and leave even earlier than planned.

Getting to Nueva Helvecia, getting to the shrine, getting home after those 105 kilometers was wonderful. It is almost impossible to put into words what a Schoenstatter feels when entering the shrine. It seems crazy to understand how full we can be just by preparing our heart, by letting her reign in it.


Nueva Helvecia

At the shrine of Nueva Helvecia, the first daughter shrine in the world.

Source: – with permission from the author and National Coordinators: Gabriela Boffano and Norberto Cánepa

Original: Spanish 2020-11-27. Translated by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México

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