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This lady will not easily be kicked out

CHILE, Carmen M. Rogers •

Approximately five years or more, I left the advertising agency where I worked for more than twenty years. I left, but the Blessed Mother, the Father, and the Shrine did not. To the desperation of my successor but to the joy of others, their presence remained without anyone daring to remove them.

For five years, I had played the fool, but the fatal day arrived. The office had moved to new facilities, and on the eve of the 15 August holiday, a classic cardboard box awaited me with the Blessed Mother among archives, souvenirs, and dictionaries.

With great nostalgia, she returned to my home where she would not feel bad: there are fifty-seven pictures of Mary in my three bedrooms and in the living/dining room! But  “her” place was at the agency, and it something that was very clear to her.

A special day and a call

It was 22 August, not an ordinary day, when I received the call I never expected. “We want you to bring a priest to bless the new office.” “Alright. But the priest goes with the Blessed Mother and she stays,” I answered.

As soon as I finished the call, I sent Fr. Hugo Tagle an email; he is the most tech-savvy person that I know. I knew he would answer, but I was still surprised when he answered immediately with a yes setting possible dates and everything.

We agreed on September 1. By then, I had prepared the MTA picture, a fine, small tablecloth, a cross to place on the improvised altar, a holy water fount, beautiful flowers and little sprigs of fresh rosemary that I cut as I left the garden of my building. When I arrived, I exchanged my cross for the Unity Cross that I once had given my boss. It was fortunate because they took over all the “borrowed” things for the MTA’s altar.

Fr. Hugo arrived at the appointed hour; he was introduced to everyone (only two escaped for a little while.) Aware of the environment, he said some timely words about the influence of advertising and the value of communicators. At the time for petitions, several dared – even if they barely knew how to pray the Our Father – and one even gave thanks for feeling this group was like his family. With the Mãe (Blessed Mother) at home (the boss is Brazilian), everything will be better. Ricardo read the readings, the only real Catholic client that we have! I think he was invited with intent. Jokes, drinks, and cookies followed in a family-like and very congenial atmosphere. What is very clear is that this Lady, the Mãe, the Blessed Mother or whatever you want to call her, will not be easily kicked out.


Original: Spanish. 2 October 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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