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Brochero’s mailmen

ARGENTINA, Fr. José María Iturrería

On Monday, 16 January, we began the Camino de Brochero [Brochero’s Road] with a Mass of sending forth at the Shrine of Life and Hope in Córdoba. We received all the symbols that would accompany us on the walk, above all, the enormous number of petitions we received from many places, including Pope Francis’ current intention. We were surprised at how many people entrust their needs to Cura Brochero, and they trusted us to take these petitions to this saint. It is a great responsibility, and an honor, to be Brochero’s “mailmen”!  From the start, this fervently motivated us to walk.

From the Cathedral to the hills, encouraged by the Bishop

We departed at dawn on Tuesday, the 17th, towards the Cathedral of Córdoba, where we celebrated Mass with the Auxiliary Bishop, Ricardi Seirutti, and he inspired us to walk following Brochero’s model of holiness.

Therefore beneath the summer sun, we traveled the first 26 km to Malagueño. We continued 31 km through Carlos Paz to the Benedictine Abby Gaudium Mariae, and then 36 km where we began the ascending the hills. On Thursday, 19 January, we traveled 24 km of hilly road with a magnificent landscape.

Every step was transformed into the Bread of Life

Everyday, we receive even more petitions from parishioners and locals that we encounter on the road. Another sign, which is a symbol all of the walk’s sacrifices and offerings, is that at the beginning of each day, everyone receives an unconsecrated host that he keeps with him that day. Those hosts are then offered during the offertory of each evening Mass at the end of the day’s walk.  The hosts and those sacrifices become the Bread of Life in Jesus Christ present among us every night.

The last two days of the road to Villa Cura, Brochero remain.  We still have to descend from the height to reach the holy priest’s tomb, and to deposit our walk’s effort and that of so many people who entrusted their petitions to us. We already perceive that Brochero has been transforming us, because this pilgrimage has been an encounter with God, in nature and in the brother.
We all travel in the footsteps of every youth on pilgrimage through the Camino de Brochero.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin,TX USA

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