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Seven questions posed to… Aleix Forcada, director of “3 Religious Rebels”

Interview with Aleix Forcada Zamora •

The 3MR project is an initiative of the Schoenstatt Movement’s Madrid youths; its aim was the realization of a non-profit film production seeking to spread Christian values. This film – which was just released – is inspired by M. Raymond’s, O.C.S.O, book, Three Religious Rebels. Aleix Forcada is the director of the project, and the editors of interviewed him.

How did the idea of the film emerge?

Fotos: 3MR

I suppose that it is the result of several currents of life that have been maturing in our generation over the years, and it is also the result of the direct initiative of God, who placed us at the opportune time and place, and stirred this project in us.

Initially there was a restlessness among the University Boys’ Youth from Spain to carry out a project that would unite us as a Branch and strengthen our attachments, and it had to be a project in which we could work together and explore our talents, since youths unite and become friends when they struggle together for a common goal. At the same time, there was a keenness to use new means of communication with the new digital culture as a tool for evangelization so that Christianity would accessible and, that they would enter fully into this atmosphere and announce its message to the world. For if you do not do it, others will do it for you, and they will give a very different vision than yours. Moreover, our youths had the good fortune of having numerous people with great restless energy and prodigious talent on the artistic level, creative and entrepreneurial, that once the idea emerged there would be a certain core group willing to accept it and become enthusiastic about it.

Finally, what gave us the impetus to carry it out was reading the book, “Three Religious Rebels,” that gives a very youthful and attractive vision of holiness, and that set us on fire and awakened much life among us. We often commented about passages of the book that we liked the most, and unconsciously we imagined it in our heads in the way we are accustomed to receiving stories: in film productions.

How many people have been involved in the project? Are there professionals from the cinematic world on the team?


Approximately 100 people, although there were thirty who were the more or less loyal and constant nucleus. There have been sporadic collaborations by professionals who have given us valuable help and much advice, but the majority of time we were it: the Blessed Mother and us.

What motivated you the most to continue with the project?

Well the motivation changed over time. At the beginning, the motivation was the novelty and the desire to do something big, and that we would be able to put our talents to use. But during the most difficult and tiring times, what pushed us forward was that we had given our word, and the expectation we created. We always had the goal: “One more shoot, until we finished the movie.” I believe that San Roberto [Saint Robert] was always behind us (he was the saint that the movie is about); he supported us and sustained us. At the beginning, we placed ourselves under his protection and name, and at every stage of the filming, before saying the word “action,” someone would say “San Roberto…” and the rest responded: “pray for us.”

What was the most difficult moment of the production?

It was after the first shoot during the course of 2012-2013. We had returned on fire and motivated with the project, and we tried to carry out several shoots for that year, but the day to day and university obligations absorbed us, and we could not carry out any of them. We even proposed to give up the project, but thank God, who again opened doors and windows, we were able to continue, and he showed us that when our strength fails, he is there to continue the work that was begun, that this was his project, and that we would only be able to carry it out by trusting and abandoning ourselves.


What was the most comical moment of the filming?

There are so many anecdotes that it is difficult to choose one. I recall a scene during the first shoot when the protagonist had a laughing fit, and we had to repeat the take nineteen times until she finally calmed down. I recall another moment, during the second shoot, where we had worked for many continuous hours, we were tired, suddenly I shouted “action,” and the camera wasn’t even turned on and the actors weren’t prepared, this provoked laughter throughout the set. It also happened during a shoot when we arrived onsite, and we discovered that we had forgotten the tripod, or some other important piece of equipment.

Where and when can we see the movie?

At this moment, we are talking with a distributor; if they accept distribution, our movie “tour” will be made that would begin in some of Spain cinemas during Summer 2015, and then we would try to make the jump to Latin America and the United States. In any case, whether the movie will be seen or not depends mainly on the acceptance that it receives, and of our prayers. We will post information about the distribution process on our “Projecto 3MR” Facebook page in a timely manner.

The last question: Was so much effort worthwhile? And if the answer is yes, why?

It was worthwhile, as all that is of God deserves. All of the encounters and the process has transformed us interiorly, and it has taught us to learn, not only on the level of technical film production, but also at the human level, to get to know each other and to work as a team, as well as at the spiritual level. Allowing God to act, and not to keep what we have received from Schoenstatt and the Church for ourselves but to communicate it instead, to share it. We have also learned and participated very much in monastic and Cistercian spirituality, which has taught us to have a more patient vision of God’s roads and rhythms, to learn to love him in the silence, contemplation and in of service to others. Moreover, thanks to this project many of us have found our vocation in the world of the cinema, and if God wills it you will continue to hear about us.


 All the photos: Proyecto 3MR
Original: Spanish – Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

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