mkf. On August 31, 2009, Mr. Franz M. Vogel was seventy years old; he is a member of the Institute of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary. He was born in Rottweil, and he is “fruit” of the apostolic work of Father Moser; he affirms, smiling. He is the one who on every 18th and frequently at other times lights the fire, where the contributions to the Capital of Grace are burned after the renewing of the Covenant of Love at the Original Shrine. Although he is not veryRead More
Theresia Rutzmoser. Imagine your houses’ doorbell ringing; you open the door, and there before you are two youths with a picture of the Blessed Mother in their arms. They introduce themselves as a Catholic youth group who wants to talk to you about faith, and furthermore, they invite you to participate in different activities at the parish. Scary? Courageous? Unusual? This scene was not invented; it truly has been done hundreds of times. It happened during Missions 2009: Live the Faith, which was carried out for theRead More
mkf. Sent: this is what still resounds – after more than two weeks since August 20th – in the more than 350 Schoenstatt Federation members who, after participating in the congress, the celebration and the pilgrimage, have returned to their countries of origin and their areas of apostolate. Sent and encouraged to assume a dynamic apostolic spirit ….. a spirit of freedom and a federative community spirit ….. and shared responsibility ….. as was expressed by Fr. Heinrich Walter in his words of greeting and motivation: Read More
mkf. The inhabitants of Vallendar, Germany had placed candles in windows, gardens and patios when around 10:00 P.M., approximately 500 adolescents and youths from all parts of Germany, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, and other countries, began a candlelight procession from the city high school to the Original Shrine. They were singing and praying as they passed through Gilgenborn. This night-time pilgrimage and vigil on the grounds of the Original Shrine was for many of the youths the high-point of the “Night of the Shrine” which since WorldRead More
Sr. M. Onilce Cigognini ( During the 60th Anniversary Jubilee of her Crowning, the Queen of Heroic Childlikeness received all the love and gratitude that She alone deserves. Her children love her so intensely and tenderly that they freely choose Her to accompany them at every moment of their lives: in times of sorrow, but most of all, in the happy moments. In this way, the Queen exercises her power in every way, since we offered our own lives in the symbol of the crown and scepter; there areRead More
mkf. Since that September 15th, 1968, each September15th morning is something special in Schoenstatt; there is something mystical associated with the carpet of white flowers - lilies, carnations - that replace the red carpet usually marking the place where Father Joseph Kentenich died forty-one years ago. Celebrating Holy Mass and gathering all the Schoenstatt Family at the hour of his death in the place where he celebrated his last Holy Mass is touching the eternal through the memories of that day when Father Kentenich finished his earthly life to continueRead More
Fr. Alberto Eronti. September 15th evokes a series of memories for me, as a result of what I experienced 41 years ago. The group of students of the Schoenstatt Fathers saw Father alive for the last time shortly before September 15th. Father’s health had been deteriorating and the Sisters of Mary cared for him zealously. On the occasion of our pilgrimage to Cambrai (France, following the footsteps of Joseph Engling), we asked to greet Father and to receive his blessing.Read More

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Schoenstatt, this weekend…

mkf. Schoenstatt is filling up with pilgrims during this month of September, a few days before the anniversary of Father Kentenich’s death, on September 15th, 41 years ago. The arrival of the pilgrimages from Brazil and Argentina are awaited. During this weekend and the coming week, several important events will also take place around the Shrines and wayside shrines throughout the world…Read More