SOUTH AFRICA, Sarah-Leah Pimentel. The entire heavenly host must sing for joy and give praise to God whenever one His children freely chooses to be a servant of Christ by becoming a priest. And there certainly was no doubt that God's angels were present at Simon Donnelly's ordination at Christ the King Cathedral, the heart of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, South Africa.  Read More

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We are a Multicultural Movement

Before returning to Australia and after participating in his community's congress, Father Marcelo Aravena, a Chilean, spoke with about his work in Australia….. with a multicultural church and movement.  Read More
PARAGUAY, Ani y Rodrigo Pangrazio/mkf. It has only been a month since the "Your Family is Valuable" Conference in Tuparenda, and the enthusiasm is still alive. Testimonies continue to arrive from the participants, and it is clear: this was not a sporadic event but a beginning. "On September 2nd, we decided to continue carrying out the event YOUR FAMILY IS VALUABLE," Father Antonio Cosp writes. It has been an historic time for Paraguayan Schoenstatt, and it is a sign of what Father Ludovico Tedeschi stressed at Conference 2014: a changeRead More
mkf. On the morning of September 18th, a large group of Argentineans bid farewell to the Original Shrine departing early in the morning for Rome via Stuttgart, Munich, and Quarten, Switzerland. They had been visiting Schoenstatt since September 12th. They attended the Mass on September 15th in the Adoration Church, and they traveled around Schoenstatt as well as the surrounding areas in the footsteps of the Father. For many of them, it was their first visit to Schoenstatt. "I still cannot believe I am truly here,” said Coco RicciardiRead More
Sr. M. Angela Macari. An historical moment occurred for the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign in the Philippines on September 20, 2009. Christina Klein from Brodenbach returned home to Germany after her 5-month participation in the Extended Stay Program in Brazil, bringing with her the Pilgrim Mother Auxiliary for the Philippines. She and her family generously became -- as Deacon Pozzobon liked to say of himself -- "a little donkey", transporting the 24 lb. auxiliary from the Frankfurt Main airport to the Original Shrine. Sincere thanks were extended to her andRead More

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Margaret Steinhage Fenelon. The other morning, I had the rare opportunity to be early for daily Mass. No small feat for me, as those who know me well will testify. But I digress... As I knelt there, working myself into "Mass mode" and trying to stop lamenting the half-drunk cup of coffee I left on my kitchen counter, I spied a senior couple entering the church.  Read More
POLAND, Kuba Orowski and Marysia Kwas. Young people from all over Poland recently came to Świder near Warsaw in order to finish the summer vacation time in a Schoenstatt way. Inspired by this year's motto: "Yes, Father, I trust in you," they attended lectures and courses regarding fatherhood and the role of a father in one's life -Father God, Father and Founder, and family fathers-.Read More
CHILE, Mauricio Donoso. Boys’ Youth from the Roses of Mary Shrine,  in San Fernando, Chile, placed the first stone of their work for this new stage as a branch in Chile. It is Saturday afternoon in the valley of Colchagua, and a group of youth climb a hill, with the storng sunlight that shines on them, that encourages them to climb higher and higher…They reach the peak, they see the valley from the heights, they try to identify places that they know below in the city…they recognize their school, someRead More