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One of us

Vicky Ramirez Jou and Claudio Ardissone, Paraguay •

What we are experiencing, from the denunciations and publications, will indeed be the pains of growth and maturity. We have to discern, dialogue, read and pray a lot. I hope that all the fathers and the sisters, all of us, will see the richness of Schoenstatt in its pedagogy and not only in the figure of Fr. Kentenich. —

Fr. Kentenich was human and fallible, but the legacy he left brings us very close to God and our MTA, so the Movement deserves to be defended.

Reading Alexandra von Teuffenbach’s book brings us closer to encountering history and hard historical facts, makes us understand that Fr. Joseph Kentenich was one of us, a man.

  • God willing we not only look for “saints” in our lives and for our growth.
  • God willing our Schoenstatt ardently live a profound new moment, and just as this pandemic made us all equal, may we understand that we men are just that: men, with the same miseries and that we need each other in mercy.
  • God willing we stop fervently searching for a process of sanctity or beatification, to justify I do not know what, and may we take care of what really matters, which is to live “on the move” that leads us to God, hand in hand with the Blessed Mother, and may we be occupied by our neighbor (the one who is at our side).
  • God willing we be renewers of the Church, this one that we are ourselves.
  • God willing we live a new era of truth and always build from it, however painful and hard it may be, in everything.

The meaning of  Ojalá – God willing

In the original spanish text, what is translated here “God willing”, is ojalá. It is known as the interjection that denotes the strong desire for something to happen. The expression “ojalá” demonstrates on the part of the one who pronounces it the hope or the desire before the realization of something. The expression is of Arabic origin: “shaa Allaah”, which means “if God wanted”.


Original: Spanish, 29.10.2020. Translation: Maria Esther Aragon, Monterrey, Mexico/mf

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