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A service for Schoenstatt: An App of “Father’s Phone”

By Agustín Lombardi and María Fischer •


The Boys’ Youth from São Bernardo do Campo/SP, Brazil, are presenting a completely new revamped, updated app of the Father Phone in Portuguese, Spanish and English with many more messages from Fr. Kentenich.

In addition to a message from Fr. Kentenich, those who wish can click on the second button to receive a practical resolution for the day.

“Father’s Phone” has developed from calling cards in acrylic, leather or simple cardboard boxes with Fr. Kentenich’s phrases (in German, many times reproduced in manuscript) in business card format to applications for websites (the “oldest” one being on; for many still the only reason they visit the site – although we continue to hope that someday they will discover all the riches therein), and from now on, following the trends, to applications for smartphones.

One more step towards uniting nature and grace, to every day holiness – among games, email, Facebook, Twitter, news, whatsapp, Viber – we now have Fr. Kentenich’s messages in the midst of daily life and literally “at hand.”

And this is only the beginning; there are several apps for the Spiritual Schedule. In Brazil, they are working on an app to contribute to the capital of grace, and in Chile (with work among several teams), an app called “My Shrine” is being developed, with photos, addresses, GPS coordinates (that are verified!) of the world’s two hundred shrines…

unnamed8Find at GooglePlayStore: Teléfono do Pai

Other Apps of Fr. Kentenich’s telephone





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    Any schonstatt friends in El Paso , tx area you know of?

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