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Pray for Synod: are we going to unite with this great initiative?

SYNOD 2018, María Fischer •

On the 31st of December the large survey in preparation for Synod 2018 ended. Now what?

“Join us, dedicate a prayer for Synod 2018. One prayer. Each day. The whole world. Together we are Church.” This invitation for the initiative, “Pray for Synod” extended from its website as well as other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), invites young people, older people and the entire Church to accompany the preparation for the Synod about Youths—Faith and Discernment in October 2018— with a network of prayer.

“It is a question of being able to live a CONTINUOUS PRAYER of young people around the world. Where the youth groups of any institution, when they wish and can, pray for the fruits of the next Synod on young people and vocations, both in preparations as in the celebration of 2018. What we want to provoke is that day by day for young people to live the intercession and memory for this event in a very simple way throughout the whole Church.” (#PrayforSynod)

“It is a task among all, and the important thing is to initiate constant intercession among young people who prepare us and help to live the Synod,” the originators of this initiative explained on the website, inviting youth people and groups of young people to become protagonists of prayer for a synod relating to them.

It is easy: pray whatever one wants, where and when one wants.

The proposal is open and easy, everyone is invited to pray whatever one wants, where and when one wants. You are also invited to send photos of normal or special moments of prayer for the synod.

Now comes phantasy...

  • Mary’s Crusade’s young people at the feet of Christ the Redeemer, praying for the synod.
  • The young men from Mother of Tupãrenda House, praying for the synod.Father
  • The CIEES meeting in Chile, praying for the synod.
  • The Sisters of Mary in the Original Shrine, praying for the synod.
  • Fr. Pedro Kühlcke with the young boys at the Juvenile Detention Center, praying for the synod.
  • The missionaries from Santa Rita around their wayside shrine, praying for the synod.
  • All the participants of the 18th Mass in Schoenstatt, praying for the synod.
  • The General Presidency during their next meeting, praying for the synod.
  • The young mothers from the Catherine Kentenich House in Madrid, praying for the synod.


Of course, pure dreams…

But in case that dream becomes a reality, send the photos, not only to PrayforSynod; but also to We will be waiting for them.


Although the website is in English and Spanish, there are more languages on social media, always with the hashtag #prayforsynod.

The Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of Pious Schools better known as Scolopis, also called Piarists in German Slav and Anglo- Saxon countries, and Calasancios in some Ibero-American countries is behind this initiative. It is a religious order with pontifical right, founded by St. Joseph de Calasanz (1557- 1648) in the 17th Century, as a response to the educational needs of Rome’s poor children, from where it extended throughout Italy and Europe.

Congratulations and gratitude for this initiative. By making it ours, in covenant solidarity with Pope Francis and the young people, who embody the challenges of change, and the Gospel for the coming times is forged in them with experiences in which the Holy Spirit acts and is manifested.  It is necessary to listen to the young people in their experiences, questions and questioning. The new charisms forged in their hearts through which the Holy Spirit will lead them in their being and mission to the Church and Schoenstatt.



Connecting Schoenstatters, #prayforsynod

Original: Spanish. 12 January 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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