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Priestly ordinations in San Luis

ARGENTINA, Ana E. Anello •

A celebration for the whole diocese and especially for the Fr. Joseph Kentenich Vocational Circle! The priestly ordination of Alejandro Sardi and Pablo Boffa was a real celebration.—

The Fr. Kentenich Vocational Circle began in Argentina on 5 May 1983, and meet on the first Thursday of May to pray for an awakening of priestly, religious, lay vocations, thereby cooperating with the life of the church. Its members in San Luis want to offer their loyal and faithful observation of duty and a life of intense prayer for each vocation that emerges in our diocese of San Luis.

A multitude of people, including family members, priests, religious, and the faithful accompanied Msgr. Pedro Martínez who, by laying his hands and saying the prayer of consecration, ordained Alejandro and Pablo.

The words of the monsignor, an experienced pastor and priest, were eloquent, welcoming the new priests in a ceremony that was both simple and solemn.

Alejandro, the son of Jorge and Stella, and a member of the Fr. Joseph Kentenich Vocational Circle” chose “hallowed be your name, your kingdom come” (Lk 11:2) as his motto.

Pablo, hailing from Justo Daract, took St. Teresa of Jesus’s motto to guide his priesthood, “whoever truly begins to serve the Lord, the least he can offer is his life.”

Msgr. Martinez urged the community to continue accompanying the two priests with prayer, love, friendship, and to provide all the help possible to assist them in exercising their ministry.

Alejandro, from the San Roque de San Luis parish, celebrated his first mass there. During the Mass, Fr. Alan Sosa Tello, a Schoenstatt Father, also urged the community in his homily to understand and help those who leave their lives to serve the people of God. This invites us to continue praying and offering the Master of the harvest labourers for the vineyard, with the certainty that the “vocation is the answer of the God of Providence to the praying community (St. John Paul II, 7 May 1985)


Original: Spanish 7 March. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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