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At the service of the Church, now more than ever

CHILE, Orlando Valle •

Recently, we have been experiencing difficult times as Church in Chile. So the following story, Orlando Valle sent us (he’s the leader of the Men’s Branch of the Family from Agua Santa, Viña del Mar and also a Madrugador) gives us much joy and hope in the contributions of the laity and those consecrated to the service of the Church, and consequently, in the consolidation of one of the Schoenstatt objectives: the Universal Apostolic Confederation.

The Diocese of Valparaiso joyfully welcomed Bishop Pedro Ossadón, the apostolic administrator, recently designated by Pope Francis, to the Cathedral that was filled with the faithful and the presence of more than fifty priests and approximately seventy permanent deacons.

An initiative with an unexpected result

After the Eucharist, the Madrugadors from the dioceses requested a meeting to talk with Bishop Ossandón and to place our group at the disposal of a bishop and brother Madrugador, which he became in Coronel, when he was presented with his Madrugador jacket, and he was vitally incorporated as of that moment to this current of life. It goes without saying that he gladly accepted the request to meet, and he made the appointment for July 3rd at 7:00 pm.

This is how the members of the Diocesan Coordinating Committee of the Madrugadores’ communities from the Diocese of Valparaíso prepared for this occasion. We arrived on the appointed day, and we had the pleasant surprise that our bishop had invited all the Movements, associations, and organized lay groups that exist in the diocese. In total there were more than twenty-five groups represented.

At the beginning, Bishop Ossandón explained that the Madrugadores’ requested meeting motivated him to meet with all the Movements and organizations. Thus he congratulated and asked for applause for the Madrugadores.

Forty people were expected to attend and more than 100 arrived. A spirit of encounter, collaboration, and brotherhood reigned, confirming the closeness and simplicity of the new bishop.

A committee was constituted to coordinate the Movements that will work closely with bishop and the sixty-nine parishes in the diocese. Seven people made up the committee: a priest, a religious, a couple, two youths, and a Madrugadores’ representative. Of the seven, committee members, Fr. Jaime Gayangos, Sr. Isabel Margarita and Orlando Valle will represent Schoenstatt.


Source: Magazine “Vinculo”, Chile

Original: Spanish. 12 August 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited:  Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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