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An act of unity: 2,203 rosaries contributed for canonization altarpiece

PARAGUAY, Leti and Martín Pereira •

In John’s Gospel, our Lord Jesus Christ prays for his followers to be one, just as he and the Father are one. We, as the Paraguayan people and eminently Christian, seldom display a common unity. As the date draws near for Chiquitunga Guggiari’s beatification, she captivated all Paraguayans by traits— which are also our traits— her profound and simple faith. We found this unity Jesus prays for in her. —

Artist Koki Ruiz’s work, in the preparation for the beatification ceremony, was the perfect conduit for people’s fervor. Every Holy Week, Koki’s work has inspired and elevated our spirituality; his work on the altarpiece for Pope Francis’ visit was admired worldwide. However on this occasion, his creation resonated more profoundly with us when he added the rosary, which was prayed by Paraguayans for our revered Chiquitunga. Furthermore he offered us the opportunity to take part in the work by contributing our rosaries, which carry with them our hopes, sorrows, and joys.

Love of the Church made by rosaries

In Schoenstatt, as an apostolic movement, we have the duty to help.  This is why our Rosary Campaign decided to be a major contributor to this wonderful work, by donating our rosaries. April 18th was set as the date for collecting the rosaries from all the country’s dioceses. The Campaign’s missionaries’ response was astounding in that they collected 2,203 rosaries in one gathering, and all of them were used in praying for Chiquitunga Guggiari’s canonization.

Blessing of the rosaries, the artist, and his partners

In mid-May and accompanied by Fr. Pedro Miraballes, we visited Koki Ruiz with our large contribution. We celebrated a beautiful Eucharistic ceremony together there in that unique place surrounded by thousands of rosaries and a familial atmosphere. Fr. Pedro blessed all the rosaries and other elements that will form part of the altarpiece on this solemn day of beatification. He also blessed Koki Ruiz who inspired the work, and the hands of the workers who helped him.

Also published in the magazine  “Tuparenda”


Original: Spanish. 21 May 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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