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Praying the Rosary for World Youth Day

INTERNATIONAL, mkf. Holy Cross Family Ministries invite youth and all people with youthful hearts to join in a worldwide campaign of prayer, FIRM IN FAITH WITH MARY, praying the Rosary for World Youth Day on Saturdays from the beginning of May until WYD takes place in August.The initiator and Director of Holy Cross Family Ministries, Fr. James Phalan, who recently visited Schoenstatt to entrust this campaign to Our Lady of Schoenstatt, says: “With your help and the help of others in the Church throughout the world, we have, through God’s grace, the chance to do something truly remarkable – to create through this campaign a global, interactive community united in and through prayer”.

Fr. Phalan shares in a letter sent also to the International Communication Center – Schoenstatt 2014: “Since the first World Youth Day 25 years ago, the event has become a very important opportunity to awaken and deepen faith for young people around the world. This year´s World Youth Day in Madrid from August 16-21 can be a great moment of grace for the New Evangelization not only of young people, but also for all throughout Europe and the world. Aware of the importance of this event, a number of Church organizations have joined together to call the whole Church to prepare for WYD and implore for its fruitfulness by praying the Rosary. The World Youth Day Organization in Madrid heartily endorses this initiative. We invite you first and foremost to join us in prayer, because as we know from Jesus himself, our prayer has the power to move mountains.”

Joining in

In Schoenstatt, the first ones to answer Father Phalan`s request were the members of the Schoenstatt Apostolate of the Sick and Handicapped People. They committed themselves to pray the rosary for WYD each Saturday – and certainly not just each Saturday. The Schoenstatt Family of Costa Rica already placed the badge on their Facebook site. “Also, more than simply joining us in prayer, we invite you and we need you to help us spread the Good News of this campaign to others”, askes Fr. Phalan. “Recently we have been witness to the power of media to effect rapid socio-political change.So let us now harness the power of media for an even greater good, the good of changing hearts and remaking our world through the grace of Christ. For this wide promotion of FIRM IN FAITH WITH MARY we need to make full, dynamic and up-to-date use of the internet. The campaign web site, video resources and social networking are accessible at or Also logos, banners, e-flyers, wallpapers and all the resources you will need to promote the campaign are available for download from this page at DOWNLOADS. Let us join together in the Rosary, which the soon-to-be-beatified Pope John Paul II called both his “favorite prayer” and “the Gospel made prayer”. Believing in the power of prayer and in Mary’s love for us, her children, we entrust World Youth Day and our whole world to our Holy Mother through this campaign.”



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