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Schoenstatt Setting Off for Peace

Rome, Fr Rolando Montes •
On Tuesday Schoenstatt is in Assisi. In covenant solidarity with Pope Francis.
In view of Pope Francis’ urgent call to pray for peace this Tuesday, the Schoenstatt Family cannot remain inactive. While our Holy Father is in Assisi with many religious leaders to pray for peace in the world, we will build our own Assisi. Let us meet with friends for prayer, let us ask in our parishes whether there is a prayer for peace there, let us visit a shrine or have our meeting for peace at home. Together with others, or alone, let us pray for peace. This Tuesday let us place our worldwide commitment for peace in the world into the capital of grace.
When we pray for peace, we begin to create it and restore this covenant God wants to enter into for the whole of humankind. Praying for peace is a beginning to renewing this covenant. The voices of the times are the voices of God, Fr Kentenich has told us.
We invite you to talk about this experience. Simply comment on this article and tell others what it is like to be united with the whole Schoenstatt Family and the universal Church in prayer. Each experience we share enriches others and multiplies those riches.
Following the example of St Francis, this man of fraternity and gentleness, we are all challenged to testify strongly to the world of our common efforts for peace and the reconciliation of the peoples. I invite the parishes, the ecclesial communities and all the faithful in the world to live this day as a day of prayer for Peace.”
Pope Francis, September 18, 2016

Original: Spanish. Translation: Mary Cole, Manchester, England


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  1. Joe Yank says:

    “O my God grant that all minds be united in truth and all hearts in love.” JK

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