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Francisco José Cox will return to Chile to avail himself to the justice authorities

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After the 13 October announcement in a communiqué by Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio (General Superior) and Fr. Fernando Baeza (Regional Superior, Chile), (“We reaffirm our willingness to collaborate with the justice in everything they require. That’s why we’ll ask for a medical evaluation to determine whether it is possible that Francisco Jose Cox returns to Chile”), and following the results of a 42-page medical assessment, the decision has been made public of the return to Chile of Francisco José Cox, the former bishop who was released from his clerical state by Pope Francis, so that he can avail himself to the justice authorities.—

Various media sources in Chile, Germany and other countries have already reported on this. We publish the letter by Fr. Patricio Moore, the spokesperson of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Chile to the Chilean Schoenstatt Family


Dear Schoenstatt Family:

As the spokesperson for our Community of the Schoenstatt Fathers,  I want to update you on the current situation around Francisco José Cox:

  1. The Provincial Council, in consultation with the General Council of the Schoenstatt Fathers, has decided to return Francisco José Cox to Chile. This will take place in January or February at a date that is still to be determined. This is the most important decision and we deem this to be necessary so that he can avail himself to the justice authorities and, in this way, we can cooperate in establishing the truth.
  2. The medical examinations state that he can cope with the return flight to Chile. Even though his diagnosis brings together a number of illnesses: diabetes, prostate cancer, difficulty in walking, senile dementia, urinary incontinence, signs of depression and disorientation, respiratory problems, the doctor assessed that with the necessary medication, he can return to our country.
  1. We have decided that he will not live in one of our community houses. The old age homes for the religious where we have inquired cannot receive him. We are looking for a place for him to live.
  2. Our intention is to cooperate with the justice authorities and join in solidarity with the victims.


Santiago, 28 November 2018

Fr. Patricio Moore


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