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You can see that She does not stop! Madre, ven – the film

SPAIN, Ambrosio Arizu/Maria Fischer •

“Tell them to write on the web”, Ambrosio Arizu answers me when I tell him that within the team, after so many articles about Madre Ven – the pilgrimage in 2021, and the film in 2022 – the hope grew to be able to see the film also in Portugal and Argentina. The diffusion of the film is in charge of the production company Goya… but with the touch of “nothing without us”, since Goya acts from the popular request, expressed in a form or a link to a WhatsApp group, under the title: “Ask for it in your city“. And they asked for it… successfully for Mexico, Costa Rica, and other Central American countries, and even in the United States.

The premiere in Mexico is scheduled for February 2, in several Central American countries on February 9, and with English subtitles, it will be released in the United States on February 10.

“We are awaiting Peru and Uruguay. Ecuador wants to premiere in May and the rest is yet to be confirmed,” says Ambrosio Arizu, of the Family Federation, together with his wife Maureen, soul and engine of the Madre Ven pilgrimage. “South America will continue, for sure, you can see that she does not stop! This is like a gentle tide, advancing softly.” Maybe not so, so softly …

She still does not want to leave Spain

Meanwhile, many people in Spain still want to see the film. “I’m being asked by many people to see the film again in Madrid and other cities,” says one of the organizers. “You can sign up in the WhatsApp groups that are on the web by cities or get a group of people together and request a show through Goya.”

In January, there will be performances in Tarragona, Girona, Palencia, Salamanca, and Bilbao.

This Wednesday, January 11, Pope Francis said in catechesis:

“The community of Jesus’ disciples is born apostolic and missionary (…) The Holy Spirit shapes it in going out – the Church going out, going forth – so that it does not withdraw into itself, but is extroverted, contagious witness of Jesus – faith is also contagious -, oriented to radiate its light to the ends of the earth”. Mary seems to want to go to the ends of the earth. Let us go with her, for she does not stop.


Madre ven – the film

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer


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