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We Madrugadores have received a letter from Pope Francis!


 On Wednesday morning, the 29th, we Madrugadores felt a great joy, when we received the response of Pope Francis to a letter in which we told him that on Saturday, May 2nd, more than 300 communities from 16 countries: Portugal, Spain, Germany, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Chile, would unite spiritually with him – and with each other – by participating “live” through Zoom, YouTube Madrugadores Chile, and YouTube from the Vatican, in the Mass that he celebrates every day at 7:00 a.m. in the chapel of  Santa Marta´s House in Rome. —



Through coordination with a representative from each country where there are communities of Early Risers, we recently agreed to pray the rosary on Wednesdays. Taking advantage of this instance of international contact and coordination, the idea also arose to go to Rome to celebrate and participate with the Pope in the daily Mass at 7:00 a.m. The enthusiasm grew quickly. The truth is that it does not cost much – practically nothing – to make initiatives of this kind and to find an echo in the different communities.

Roberto Horat and I, thanks to the contact with very close and dear priests, asked for collaboration, both in Argentina and in Chile, to help us send a letter to Pope Francis. From the beginning we were excited that the letter could reach the Pope by some means… And so it did. And not only did the letter arrive at the hands of the Pope, but, to our great surprise, he sent us his response


Mr. Roberto Horat and Mr. Octavio Galarce Barrera

Thank you very much for your mail. I’m pleased with the activity you are telling me the Madrugadores will be doing. I am very happy that you will stay in the meeting and in prayer.

On May 2nd I will spiritually join the communities of Madrugadores in Portugal, Spain, Germany, the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, during the celebration of Holy Mass in Santa Marta at 7:00 a.m. Together with your 300 communities I will ask the Lord to look upon us and bless us.

And please continue with the 3 M: Mass – Table (mesa) – World (mundo)/Mission.

I pray for you, and please do not forget to do it for me. May Jesus bless you and may the Holy Virgin take care of you.

A commitment to the Church and the world

We see in this gesture of the Pope a sign that commits us to continue persevering in our great task and mission, which is to achieve that many more men and women place themselves in the presence of the Lord through our communities, that they integrate themselves or become an important part of the Church, in their unique, original and so necessary contribution.

The reference he makes to the 3 M: Mass – Table (mesa) – World (mundo)/Mission, are a clear and powerful indication of something so central to our spirituality. We must continue to deepen these very central ideas.

In the Pope’s words we see recognition and a validation of this current life, which emerged, as an original contribution of Schoenstatt to the universal Church: “Great tasks on weak shoulders.” We should strive now and always, every day, at every moment, to be faithful to this task and mission.


“Join us for Mass with Pope Francis this Saturday, May 2nd!

The Schoenstatt Madrugadores communities of the world united with Pope Francis and the universal Church in the Eucharist celebrated in the Chapel of Santa Marta in Rome, Italy, through different channels.




YouTube Madrugadores Chile:

Media Channels of the Vatican

Original: Spanish 2020.04.30. Translated by: Maria Aragón, Monterrey, Mexico.

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