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Pope Francis will visit the Community of Sant’Egidio

ITALY, Community Sant’Egidio •

Sant’Egidio welcomes with great joy the announcement of Pope Francis’ visit to the Community for its 50th anniversary – on Sunday 11th March in Trastevere.

Pope Francis will meet once more with the “people of Sant’Egidio”. After meeting with Prof. Andrea Riccardi who initiated the path of the Community 50 years ago in Rome, His Holiness will encounter some representatives coming from different cities of Italy and the world, followed by the youngsters of Sant’Egidio and the poor friends of the Community: refugees – here thanks to the Humanitarian Corridors – elderly, children of the “School of Peace”, people with disabilities engaged in art-studios and the homeless hosted by the Community during the days of extreme weather conditions.

The Community is indeed very thankful and awaits the event with great gratitude and affection.

On Sunday 11th, from 4.30 pm LIVE STREAMING on this website:


Congratulations and a most sincere “Thanks” from the editors of to the dear Community Sant’Egidio, also and especially für being a constant challenge to reach out thanks to your committed, efficient and daring work. Because of what you do what and how you do it, there is no excuse. Thanks.


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