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It is time of mercy

VATICAN, Pontificial Council for the Family/ •

The Pontificial Council for the Family published a collection of texts related to the Synod (not available in the English version), and also on the focus given to family in Pope Francis’ catecheses during the last year.

We gladly share what is offered at the website of the Pontificial Council:

Review of the Family

The family has been at the center of several events in recent days. On Sunday, October 18th, the Pope Francis canonized Louis Martin and Zelie Guerin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, and the first spouses who are saints in Church history without being martyrs. Now, while the Synod on the Family is in progress (see below the links to videos of the briefings on October 16th and 19th), on October 17th, the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Assembly created by Paul VI was celebrated. On this occasion, Pope Francis said that he is convinced that “the path of collegiality is what God expects from the Church of the third millennium.”

At the following links:

The Pope’s Catecheses on the family

Pope Francis dearly cares about the family; and he speaks about it, and very much so. In his Wednesday General Audiences from 17 December 2014 to 16 September 2015, he chose to talk about it, reflecting on its mystery and beauty, the difficulties and the challenges that it faces, and giving, at the same time, wise admonitions and tender tips in the way that only a father can.

For those who wish to re-read his words or reflect on them, here are the links to his Catecheses. By following them, you can easily and quickly retrace this itinerary through family life seen with the eyes of Pope Francis, who inevitably captures the image not only of the family as such but that of our time, a society in the making and its cultural changes, harbingers of challenges and opportunities.

To those who would like to consult the printed version, we propose the text that has just been released in three languages:

“La famiglia genera il mondo” (Ita.) – “La familia genera el mundo” (Sp.) – “The Family: The World’s Generating Force” (Eng.), LEV Editore, 2015. The book contains the entire series of encounters and an introduction by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family.

General Audience of 17 December 2014: The family – 1. Nazareth 

General Audience of 7 January 2015: The family – 2. The mother 

 General Audience of 28 January 2015: The family – 3. The father (First part) 

General Audience of 4 February 2015: The family – 3. The father (Second part)

General Audience of 11 February 2015: The family – 4. The children 

General Audience of 18 February 2015: The family – 5. Siblings 

General Audience of 4 March 2015: The family – 6. The elderly 

General Audience of 11 March 2015: The family – 7. The grandparents 

General Audience of 18 March 2015: The family – 8. The children (I) 

 General Audience of 8 April 2015: The family – 9. The children (II) 

General Audience of 15 April 2015: The family – 10. Male and female (I) 

General Audience of 22 April 2015: The family – 11. Male and female (II) 

General Audience of 29 April 2015: The family – 12. Marriage (I) 

General Audience of 6 May 2015: The family – 13. Marriage (II) 

General Audience of 13 May 2015: The family – 14. The three expressions 

General Audience of 20 May 2015: The family – 15. Education 

General Audience of 27 May 2015: The family – 16. Engagement 

General Audience of 3 June 2015: The family – 17. Family and poverty 

General Audience of 10 June 2015: The family – 18. Family and illness 

General Audience of 17 June 2015: The family – 19. Death 

General Audience of 24 June 2015: The family – 20. Wounds (I) 

General Audience of 5 August 2015: The family – 21. Wounded families (II) 

General Audience of 12 August 2015: The family – 22. Celebration 

General Audience of 19 August 2015: The family – 23. Work 

General Audience of 26 August 2015: The family – 24. Prayer 

General Audience of 2 September 2015: The family – 25. Evangelization 

General Audience of 9 September 2015: The family – 26.Community 

General Audience of 16 September 2015 

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