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Three Questions … about Schoenstatt in the Second Century of the Covenant of Love (17)

Today Renate Immler, who lives at Durach near Kempten, in the Bavarian Allgau region, Germany, will answer our questions. Together with her husband, Christian, she is a member of the Schoenstatt Family Federation and a Family Trainer after completing a three-year course in Kentenich Pedagogy. They are the parents of six children, and have two foster children. They are also the supporters and motivating force behind the Josef Kentenich School in Leubas •


We are already six months into the second century of the covenant of love. What is your dream for this Schoenstatt in what it is, its responsibility for the Church and world, and in what it does?

The time of keeping silent out of respect for other people’s way of thinking and living seems to have ended. In the meantime “outings” seems to be in fashion and people can acknowledge the most crazy lifestyles without fearing punishment.

I am dreaming of many little Schoenstatters at many little places who courageously talk about the reality of the supernatural world, the powerful working of the Blessed Mother in this world, and their positive experiences of the covenant of love – in order to offer this treasure to others.

I dream of many little Schoenstatters at many little places who place themselves unconditionally at the Blessed Mother’s disposal as “her instruments” and change the face of the earth in a positive way. This dream has already become a reality at many places, but we can be sure it can also be extended.

What do we have to leave behind or avoid if this dream is to become a reality?

We have to stop saying that we personally, and also other Schoenstatters, lack competence. The Blessed Mother always looks for “little instruments” for her great work. According to the creative resultants, the little instrument, the magnitude of the task, and the corresponding success are even a proof of God’s initiative.

So it isn’t necessary that we personally, or other Schoenstatters, possess all the necessary abilities for a certain commitment. It is enough if we are courageous in saying “yes”, and placing ourselves at her disposal. As we know and have experienced, the person who has the most comprehensive overview sees to everything else.

What practical steps must we take now if our dream is to become a reality?

We have to leave behind our silence about our faith out of consideration for others, and talk openly and freely about our covenant of love, while placing ourselves at the disposal of the Blessed Mother as her instruments, even if we don’t feel competent.

Perhaps it is also necessary at times to go new ways courageously and leave behind outdated structures.

 Original: German. Translation: Mary Cole, Manchester, England

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