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Three questions… about Schoenstatt of the second century of the Covenant of Love (8)

Today Silvia Fretes Carmagnola answers: She is a 35 year-old Paraguayan business psychologist, Director of PULSO Consulting firm, and dedicated to the Organizational development. She joined the movement directly into the Professional Women in 2006 sealing her Covenant of Love in 2008. In addition she was assistant branch leader for two years and group leader in 2013, the group is presently named Instrumentos de Maria [Mary’s Instruments]. Her Home shrine was blessed in 2013 •

Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the covenant of love…what is your dream for this Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the church and in the world, and in our mission?

I dream of a Movement that would be the engine of Paraguayan society. That could give a true testimony in every sphere. I/ you/ we have been in the movement for x years…but how long has Schoenstatt truly been in us?

In order to fulfill this dream, what do we need to avoid or leave behind?

I believe that we should avoid being bourgeois, to just be in the Shrine and its activities. We should be protagonists in society, in the “peripheries”.

In order to fulfill this dream, what practical steps do we have to take?

We should promote and motivate all kinds of apostolates. And we should never forget the essence: to grow in spirituality, avoiding mere activism.

Original: Spanish – Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA


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