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What are your dreams for Schoenstatt’s second century of the Covenant of Love?

Juan Carlos Lombardi, La Plata, Argentina, Family Federation, permanent deacon, answers today •

Six months into the pilgrimage through the second century of the Covenant of Love… what is your dream for today’s Schoenstatt in who we are and where we find ourselves in the Church, in the world, and in our mission?

Loving the Church as it is, and by wholeheartedly trying to give what our father, Joseph Kentenich, taught us in how to live as a family, how we relate at work and in the world.

In order to fulfill this dream, what do we need to avoid or leave behind?

Those who live with heart do not live just with feelings, but we do express what love shows us through attachments or through the encounter as Pope Francis says.

In order to fulfill this dream, what practical steps do we have to take?

Send testimonies, photos and if possible videos to, so the motivation will be complete for the brother/sister who waits for a prophetic word from another baptized brother/sister. Invite the world’s families to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament in chapels, parish churches or cathedrals during the Synod of Families in October, so that the Holy Spirit will help us with the renewal that we should carry out seeking the New Man Saint Paul proposed.

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