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18/06/2011 – 18/06/2016: Celebrating “re-birth”

ITALY, Federico Bauml •

IMG-20160620-WA0004Everyone has a birthday, the day they were born. A priest, however, has two birthdays: his actual physical birth, and his ordination, which marks the moment of “re-birth.”

Yet there is a difference between birthdays and ordinations: for on the former, it is others who give gifts to the one being celebrated, and for the latter, in addition to receiving gifts, the “birthday boy, ” is the gift, as well as being the one who now gives.

There is no difference, however, when one chooses the most appropriate way to celebrate either a birthday or an ordination: party! And that is precisely what we did to mark Fr. Alfredo’s fifth anniversary of ordination last weekend of 18/19 July.

Jesus taught us that you reap what you sow, but often discover that not everyone is allowed to immediately see the fruits of his own labor. But this time, yes, this time it happened.

There is still a lot to walking to do together

The Holy Mass in the chapel was packed; the barbecue, the video, the cakes and the smiles of the great occasions were nothing other than a reflection of that fruitful seed. It is the recognition of him, who, in these five years, has set himself – to quote Father Kentenich – “in a noble and pure way”, with his strengths and weaknesses, with words and with looks, never sparing the effort, even for an instant, with the strength of one who, although expected to perform a task often greater than himself, has never stopped believing in what he did.

There will come a time for memories and melancholy, but now is not that time.

There’s still a rock to be carved on which to build our house. There are still so many anchors to be pulled up, waves with which to fill the sea, paths to follow, stones to leave behind, days and evenings to spend together, songs to sing, words to be discovered, roads where mistakes are made and roads that are questionable.

There is still a lot of walking to do together.

¡Sursum Corda!

festa P. Alfredo

Translated by V. Salvador,   Johannesburg, South Africa  – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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