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How is João Pozzobon’s beatification process going?

BRAZIL, Sr. M. Rosequiel Fávero •

Fr. Argemiro Ferracioli, postulator of João Luiz Pozzobon’s Cause of Beatification, went to Rome in March, and he reported on the state of the process.

Fr. Argemiro, what is the stage of the process?

We finished writing the “Positio” (350 pages), the proof of the Servant of God, João Luiz Pozzobon’s life, virtues, and widely known sanctity.  It is being corrected and will be published soon as a red hardback book with gold lettering on the cover.  Then it will be presented to five or six cardinals who will read it and make a report to the Pope, so he can sign the decree of Venerable.

Do we have a miracle or not?

Mrs. Silvia Correale (postulator) and I met with Fr. Jan Turek, who is charge of guiding and analyzing the possible cases of miracles.  He familiarized us with the importance of describing the answered prayer thoroughly so that it can be meticulously evaluated and there are no mistakes at the time of confirming the miracle for beatification.

The smallest details should be reported, and they are only accepted in Italian or Latin.  Nothing can be assumed.  Everything has to be methodically explained to the doctors in Rome, so they can understand the patient’s cure.

Was there other news?

The great news is that the Positio will be accepted in Spanish and Portuguese; thus we will be able to save several years of work because the majority is in Portuguese.  It was not easy to select the best texts for compiling the Positio.  For example, of the 2,000 letters João Pozzobon wrote that we sent to Rome, only forty-two of them were selected and three of them were addressed to Fr. Kentenich.  They will be in Portuguese.


Will a new biography be published?

This was another grace we received.  A documented biography should be attached to the Positio, but we do not have to write it.  The Spanish biography written by Fr. Esteban Uriburu:  “João Luiz Pozzobon, Peregrino y Misionero de María” [“João Luiz Pozzobon, Mary’s Pilgrim and Missionary”] was accepted. It was necessary to re-edit it with minor modifications and updating.  Thirty copies were presented to the Postulator to be distributed to the expert theologians and cardinals who will review them for its spirituality.


We foresee that the stage of the Positio’s publication will be finished this year.

Then it will depend on when the experts will examine it and present the proposal to the Pope and that he sign the decree of Venerable.



Original: Portuguese. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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