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Chirenderano chenyu kutumwa kwedu…

Mircia C. Botano. Chirenderano chenyu kutumwa kwedu… And for all who do not understand ChiShona or Bantu: Your Covenant, our Mission.







Almost one hundred years ago when the Virgin Mary accepted the offer of a young priest and a handful of students to “transform this place” – a semi abandoned chapel in Vallendar, Germany – into a pilgrimage place, into a place of grace, for our house and all the German provinces and perhaps beyond. No one – except Her – could imagine that 100 years later this covenant was going to extend beyond the German language or beyond the French, English, Italian, and Spanish languages…to Arabic, Guarani, Russian, Kirundi, Malaysian, and even Shona. Since last week, the motto for Jubilee 2014 and the Pilgrimage Prayer can be prayed in Shona.

Shona (ChiShona) is a Bantu language native to Zimbabwe. It is one of the official languages in this country along with English and Ndebele. Monzambique, Zambia, and Botswana is also spoken. In total there are seven million speakers.

Recently Father David Musgrave sent the translation of the motto and the jubilee prayer to Hildegard Hug, the designer of the Pilgrimage Prayer 2014 cards and of almost all the products that identify the Jubilee, so that the small Schoenstatt Family from Zimbabwe could feel united to this large Jubilee current that attaches people from more than 130 countries around the world in a single desire:

With every step we take on our pilgrim way,

we ask you:
Enkindle in us anew the fire of love for you,
for Father Kentenich
and for our family.
Mother, give us the strength
to spread a covenant culture
in our world today
and educate us
to be your true missionaries for this century.

The Covenant Mass with Zimbabwe will be celebrated on September 15, 2012. Let’s see if the pilgrimage prayer is prayed in Shona on that day!


Translation: Celina Garza, Melissa Janknegt, USA