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Towards 2014 – In covenant with Afghanistan

Santa Misa "2014" en Alianza con Afganistánmkf. Preparation for the Covenant of Love centenary in 2014 has already begun – with Conference 2014, its final document approved by the Schoenstatt International Presidency which was presented to the entire Schoenstatt Family through the worldwide pilgrimage of the Father Symbol, and the appointment of Team 2014…Following the example of Mary’s Crusade we already shout: “Onward, Pilgrimage 2014!” This shout is heard every Saturday in the Original Shrine, where at 7:15 a.m., Holy Mass is celebrated for the intention of the centenary. From this Saturday, Mass will be celebrated for one of the countries where Schoenstatt is present.


Misa "2014", 13 de marzoThis Saturday, March 13th, the “pilgrimage of the countries” began with Afghanistan. Through the hands of the NATO soldiers, the Pilgrim MTA is traveling through this country sowing the seeds of the Covenant of Love among tanks, bombs, and with the immense hope for a life of peace and freedom.

During the Mass celebrated by Father José María, prayers were also offered for Chile, which is recuperating after the earthquake, and for the Schoenstatters who a few days ago assumed their offices in that country’s new government. Prayers were also offered for the Forum of the Future of the Schoenstatt Movement in Germany, which was taking place during the same weekend on Mount Schoenstatt.

In the future…

On March 20th, the Mass will be in covenant with the Schoenstatt Family in Angola, on March 27th, in covenant with the Schoenstatt Family of the Arab Emirates. Saturday by Saturday more than 120 countries of “the even further afield” of the Founding Document of October 18, 1914 will be presented in alphabetical order: “You gather what I am aiming at: I would like to make this a place of pilgrimage, a place of grace for our house and for the whole German province, and perhaps even further a field…” (Founding Document, 7 – p.30). Even further afield…at the service of those who need the graces of the Shrine, creating an atmosphere of life, a Covenant culture in all of them.

Translation: Celina Garza, San Antonio, USA/Melissa Janknegt, Elgin, USA