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Hoerde, Covenant Pentecost

HOERDE – AND NOW WHAT?, ARGENTINA, Mario and Marinés Martínez Franco •

With the motto: “Hoerde, Covenant Pentecost”, the Argentinean Federations gathered for the first time to celebrate 100 years of the Hoerde Journey’s Jubilee, in Huerta Grande, Córdoba. —

Prepared some years ago through many exchanges of different leaders in Argentina, it was a family-like and fraternal encounter around the Blessed Mother and Father Kentenich.

Federations’ members from Priests, Families, Mothers, Women, to the nascent Men’s Federation were present. In total, there were about 400 people. Delegates from the Institute of Families and the National Advisors of the Family League in Argentina were also present.


Joy, gratitude, and commitment

The joy of getting together, gratitude, and a commitment to the future for the mission handed down in recognition for what had been received in past years filled the atmosphere. Through the dynamics of knowledge and openness, a climate of family trust and Marian unity was created throughout the meeting. Each community manifested itself and contributed fraternally.

During the liturgical celebrations, the hope of being— as Federations —the “Covenant Pentecost” towards the future was highlighted, and it was prayed with conviction and openness to the Spirit’s freshness as the atmosphere of joy, gratitude, and commitment abounded.


I am Hoerde

Priests José Vallarino, Juan Damico, and Maximiliano Bartet presented the theme as a team: “I am Hoerde, we are all Hoerde, so that the world may be like Hoerde.” They showed the need to incarnate the strength and fire of the first today. The vitality of the Federation towards the future depends on our strength and dedication. What is received through the generous surrender of the former must be given in abundance to others.

Hoerde’s broad theme of reality was dealt with in ten workshops prepared by different Federations on topics such as: “Lay Commitment in the Church and in the World,” “Family, Crisis and Challenges. Father’s Thoughts”, “Live the Spirit of Hoerde Now,” and “Church of the New Shore” among others, a serious work, to which a good space of time was dedicated, obtaining valuable conclusions that open ways for personal work and future apostolic tasks.


Fire of your fire

The “awakening and mutual awakening” of the Hoerde years was expressed repeatedly. The final closing took place through the symbolism of the fire. It was sung repeatedly, we are the fire of the Father’s fire, which must burn into the newest times. In singing “Fire of your fire” with lights on, a new people was symbolized that are marching toward the future, toward the new shore.

May God take these desires, expressed with strength and audacity, to the fullness of the mission given to the Schoenstatt Apostolic Federation on that historic August 20, 1919! May the Blessed Mother give it to us!


Original: Spanish. 29 August 2019. Translated: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, USA

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