Kreuz der Einheit

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Connecting Schoenstatters: “We go into each other!”

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How surprised I was when I read the article “The new Unity Cross for the Bellavista Shrine” in the WhatsApp Channel of At the same time, I was also working on the Unity Cross for a Liturgy of the Word, in which the 12th Station of the Way of the Cross: “Jesus dies on the Cross” was to set the mood for Good Friday. —

My thoughts were inspired by the cards that were produced in 2014 as a set of cards to mark Schoenstatt’s 100th anniversary with various symbols. In the Schoenstatt store on the Marienberg I received 40 cards with the Unity Cross – they are enough for the seniors at the Liturgy of the Word.

A Unity Cross for the Liturgy of the Word

Karte Kreuz der EinheitFor the Liturgy of the Word itself, I wanted to place a larger Unity Cross on the altar. Mine was too small at only 10 cm. So, I asked Sr. M. Carolina at Marienberg and got the following answer: “Martin Emge (our diocesan president) has a cross and is bringing it with him tonight (meeting of the Diocesan Family Council) to borrow!” That made me grateful and curious at the same time.

At the end of the meeting, I received the cross and asked how long I could keep it: “I’ll give it to you!” was the answer. I hadn’t expected that at all, and my gratitude grew visibly. This Unity Cross came to Marienberg via the junk shop. How good that it now has a new place where the Savior and his mother can be venerated.

The next day, looking at it in daylight, I noticed some discoloration that somehow bothered me. The single screw holding the corpus of Christ with Mary from behind didn’t quite fit either.

A metal artist, Stefan Vogel, who made our wayside shrine, works in my immediate vicinity. I asked him for advice. I left the cross in the studio and received a call three hours later: “The wall cross is ready and waiting for you to pick it up!” I was there immediately – and couldn’t believe my eyes! The two-part figure of Jesus and Mary was unrecognizable. A special soap bath had removed all of the unwanted stains, the screw that was too long had been sawn off and now the unity cross was as good as new. When I asked: “How much do I owe?”, I received the answer: “The cost is €0.00 – I hope that fits!”

“O God, repay what I cannot!” A cheesecake will be baked for the employees next week. And another one! The Unity Cross was not made of metal, but of plastic and covered in silver. Luckily I didn’t know that, otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to ask a metal artist for advice.

My joy is immense, not because the artist worked for free, that too, but my heart leaps for joy because I was given something very precious just like that. And I can feel that now there is once again room for my declarations of love, prayers and confessions of error addressed to the two unities of Mary and Jesus.

Worldwide unity through the Unity Cross

Back to the article mentioned above: The Unity Cross makes a pilgrimage through Chile before it is given its new place in Bellavista. This Unity Cross, which has been given to us as a gift, will make a short pilgrimage. On March 18, it will be blessed during the Covenant celebration on Marienberg. St. Joseph will be present. On March 22, this cross, which has quickly grown close to my heart, will go on pilgrimage to the retirement home in Gräfenberg. The next steps are still in the future.

I am also happy to pray for the souls of the unknown previous owners.

It is a strong, wonderful and unique gift to be connected with the people in Chile, who also greatly admire this blessed cross of unity. May it truly revitalize life, joy, unity, prayer, and the feeling: “We walk in one another!” worldwide, not only in the Schoenstatt Movement. I wish that for all of us.

Kreuz der Einheit, frisch aus dem Atelier

Unity cross, fresh from the studio

Liturgy of the Word 12th Station of the Cross – Unity Cross (german)


Original: German. Translation: Maria Fischer


The new Unity Cross for the Bellavista Shrine

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