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The beginning of Schoenstatt in Barbados needs everyone’s prayers!

BARBADOS, Father José Luís Correa / Maria Fischer •

What happens when a couple from Costa Rica, members of the Family Branch, move to Barbados for work? Schoenstatt was founded on this small island in the Lesser Antilles, the easternmost of the islands, east of St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. —

“There is no flag of this country in Schoenstatt, there is no Schoenstatt name known, there was no inhabitant of this Caribbean island in the Original Shrine on Saturday morning, April 24, 2010, when the Holy Mass was celebrated on the way to 2014, in Covenant with Barbados. Whoever thinks of Barbados thinks of the sea, the sun, the beaches? and of the Pilgrim MTA who entered this island to silently build the Church of the New Shores”. So reads an article on from 2010.

The existence of the Pilgrim MTA there was known by word of mouth, but there was no contact or more information. Until the year 2023.

Let’s begin with the Pilgrim MTA

“I wanted to tell you that we have already spoken with the pastor of our parish and he is very excited. We put ourselves at his service and we told him a little about Schoenstatt and what we want to do here. I will send him information for him to read and we will begin with the Pilgrim MTA. Probably next Sunday at Mass we will announce it and we will ask who wants to be part of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign so that we can form a small group and begin…”, commented the couple from Costa Rica who are now settled in Barbados.

Who will join us to accompany this beginning with prayer and capital of grace?


Foto: iStock Getty Images, 149361533, Goralikus

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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