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“Parish Announcements” on the Feast of Sion

ARGENTINA, Claudia Echenique •

During the Feast of Sion, the Schoenstatt Fathers of the Father Region announced several news for the year 2023, which include transfers and ordinations in the coming months. —

Fiesta de Sion - Padres de Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt Fathers

Thanks to the “parish announcements” given by the regional superior, Fr. Tommy Nin Mitchel, we were able to learn that:

  • Juan Pablo Catoggio will return to Argentina in October, after his term as Superior General of the Schoenstatt Fathers and President of the International Presidency of Schoenstatt.
  • Pablo Pol will end his term as rector of the Original Shrine in March (he will be succeeded by Fr. Ignacio Camacho, from Chile).
  • Charles and Paul, two seminarians from Nigeria will live in the house in Florencio Varela this year to learn Spanish and then continue their studies in Chile. Fr. Tommy laughingly commented “they arrived a week ago and already speak Spanish better than many of us…”.
  • Lucas Chiappe (from the shrine of San Isidro) will be ordained deacon on Saturday, April 22 in Santiago de Chile, and in November he will be ordained priest in Argentina.
  • Agustin Ozcoidi (from the shrine of Mendoza) will also be ordained deacon this year, and will be ordained priest in 2024.
  • Three novices will do their first pastoral practice from March to August of this year at the Hospital of Florencio Varela. They are: Davi Vilarinho (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Ramon Santoyo (Queretaro, Mexico) and Nicolas Iturriaga (Los Angeles, Chile).
Fiesta de Sion - Encuentros



Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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