consagrción perpetua en la Federación de Familias de España

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Making it last forever

SPAIN, Tano Soler Morellá and Belén Pérez Alemany • 

On Friday, January 20, we sealed our Perpetual Consecration to the Family Federation. Along with us, our course brothers renewed theirs, celebrated four years earlier, in 2019. —

It was a precious moment of grace poured out, a simple celebration, full of affection and joy. A real and strong community experience.

There was one word that resonated in our hearts throughout the celebration. Father José María pronounced it, and we also said it at some point during that precious night of Perpetual Consecration. Those words were: “forever”.

There were two words that resonated in our hearts during the whole celebration.

Hubo dos palabras que resonaron en nuestro corazón durante toda la celebración.

Forever and ever

To make it last for a long time

The word perpetuate comes from the Latin “perpetuare” and its meaning is “to make it last a long time”. Thus, a Perpetual Consecration is a commitment that lasts throughout the years. God and the Blessed Mother are present in it, but it requires our collaboration, our participation, to achieve this “forever”.

Tano and I wanted our Perpetual Consecration to be on January 20, out of love for our course brothers, because it coincided with the date of the Perpetual Consecration that they sealed four years ago. In this way, we join them on such a special date. We thank God for our brothers on the way.

Hubo dos palabras que resonaron en nuestro corazón durante toda la celebración.

Towards the conquest of inner freedom

The decision also had to do with the meaning of the date. January 20 inspires and encourages us to walk towards the conquest of inner freedom, thus deepening our Covenant of Love. We consecrate ourselves to the Federation, walking towards this conquest. United in Divine Trust.

Thanks to our Course, to our Family Federation of Spain, to our guides and our advisors, for accompanying us.

Thanks to God and the Blessed Mother for always being there.

And yes… there was a final bang, as it could not be otherwise, being two Valencians.

para siempre

Forever and ever


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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