Visita al Santuario ... de Roma

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A visit to the Shrine… of Rome, Aurelia Antica

SHRINES, editorial team •

During the National Schoenstatt Meeting in Panama, Fr. José Luis Correa encouraged the Schoenstatters of this country to visit Schoenstatt shrines on their trips to other countries, and then share their shrine experiences. He inspired them to google if and where there are – but no need for this effort. The exact locations of all Schoenstatt shrines (and many wayside shrines) can be found, thanks to the efforts of Norbert Jehle from Germany and Matías Fortuño from Chile, on a map available to everyone.


The map can be found on from the blue button “Shrines“. Fr. José Luis Correa’s motivation also motivated the editorial team, and so we want to open a series of articles about visits to shrines in other countries or other regions, inviting all to share their experiences.

We begin with the visit of the Peña brothers from Costa Rica to the Shrine in Rome, Via Aurelia Antica, the Shrine of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and home of the Schoenstatt Family of Rome.

Father Manuel Peña is a Schoenstatt Diocesan Priest, and Marina, one of his sisters, with her husband Oscar Esquivel are members of the Family Branch of the East Zone of San José. A family trip to Rome, with a visit to the family home.

Visita al Santuario ... de Roma

Visit to the Shrine … of Rome

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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