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More than a thousand volunteers gathered in Lisbon to prepare for WYD 2023

WYD 2023 •

With 200 days to go until World Youth Day (WYD), thousands of young volunteers, team leaders and members of WYD reference points had their first meeting of the year at the Sacred Heart Church in Lisbon, which began with a Mass presided over by Auxiliary Bishop Joaquim Mendes, of Lisbon.

The meeting brought together volunteers who are already preparing for World Youth Day (WYD), which will be held in the Portuguese capital from August 1 to 6 this year, with the theme “Mary arose and departed without delay”.

Bishop Mendes recalled, in his homily, the words of Pope Francis, when he mentioned that to be a volunteer is to be an artisan of mercy. “I thank God for each one of you, for your availability, for your generosity to serve this beautiful mission of the Church that is World Youth Day,” he added.

During the first afternoon session, Margarida Manaia, head of the Department of Welcome and Volunteering (DAV), emphasized that “being a volunteer is the best thing about World Youth Day”, and that “this service to others at WYD is to embody the theme of WYD Lisbon 2023”. He also stressed that “there is no WYD without volunteers”, asking everyone to “be enthusiastic about WYD”, because “only in this way can we infect others”.

Beatriz Ribeiro, responsible for the central team, highlighted the importance of this type of initiatives and meetings, since they allow us “to realize that WYD is getting closer and closer”, as well as “to understand what our role will be in this world meeting”.

The meeting also continued with a moment for the team leaders and volunteer leaders, in which various useful information was provided, such as the type of role, details about training and other internal initiatives.

How to become a WYD volunteer?

Volunteer registration for WYD Lisbon 2023 is now open, and you can register here. WYD Lisbon 2023 volunteers will be at the service of the pilgrims. They are a great support in carrying out the many tasks required for an event of this magnitude.

First of all, they will be a friendly, confident and available face, able to help those who need it, or to guide the participants correctly, whatever the need (general information, questions about the events, support for people with reduced mobility, etc.).

In an event of this magnitude, there are several types of volunteers. Some will have a very visible mission and in prominent places, others will have a more discreet role, but equally decisive in the realization of WYD.


Official website of WYD2023 in Lisbon (PT, EN, ES)


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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