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Farewell, Isidro

COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer •

On Holy Family Day, Friday, December 30, the first Costa Rican member of the Family Federation, Isidro Perera, passed away. Together with Pat Fernandez they were national co-advisors of the Movement in El Salvador. —Isidro Perera

I cannot and do not want to get ahead of the memories, gratitude, thoughts of the Movement in Costa Rica and El Salvador, of people and communities that shared moments of mission and dedication with Isidro. But I want to dedicate a couple of lines in to this great Schoenstatter and friend who so often published or facilitated the publication of articles in and with whom I shared hours of enthusiasm for the growth of Schoenstatt in Costa Rica and especially in El Salvador.

The last dialogue we had via WhatsApp at the end of October was about his beloved movement in El Salvador. He asked me – already being in El Salvador and a few hours before the beginning of the national journey – for some photos: “Many greetings from El Salvador ready for the Movement’s Journey tomorrow. Do you by any chance have medium or high-resolution photos of John Paul II and Benedict in the shrine or with images of the Blessed Mother?” From Argentina, where I was visiting, I sent him what I found… A couple of days later he wrote me who would be in charge of the article about this journey. I keep this memory of the last dialogue as a treasure because it speaks of Isidro: always in service mode, always in mission mode.

I met him in 2013, when I was in Costa Rica for the first time, as a translator at the CIEES Congress. We spoke little, but in one of the moments she offered to be a correspondent for And he complied, despite the brief time he had.

At the home of friends

We met briefly and joyfully at the blessing of the shrine in March 2017. In January 2019, while I was for coverage of events leading up to World Youth Day in Costa Rica, Patricia and Isidro invited me to lunch at their home, engineering everything to make this visit work within my activities. That day I met founders. That day I breathed the air of a Schoenstatt in foundation. Patricia and Isidro were the foundation of Schoenstatt in El Salvador. I know that this phrase is grammatically weird, but that is how I felt: they did not “simply” travel to El Salvador to help in the foundation, they were that foundation, to the core. They had made it their own, as a way of being. You could feel it in their words, in the sparkle in their eyes, in their way of forgetting time… and certainly, it was contagious (we were left with the unfulfilled dream of accompanying them to El Salvador, someday). Reflection of this founding attitude was their home shrine adorned with elements of El Salvador. And it was all setting out, beginning, growth, life, and hope.

Thank you, Isidro. Simply, thank you.

Intercede for your beloved family, for Schoenstatt in El Salvador, Costa Rica, all over the world. I no longer pray for you, but to you.

Fundación en El Salvador

The first group of couples in El Salvador sealed the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother in 2020.


Original: Spanish, 31.12.2022. Translation: Maria Fischer

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