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From my window in Marienland

COSTA RICA/Schoenstatt, Hugo García •

Trusting, resting…like this little bird that perches securely on the cross of the bell tower of the Shrine, from my window in Marienland, I begin to understand better what it means to have complete and total trust, what is “Blank check Surrender”, the “Practical Faith in Divine Providence”…already in a totally practical and experiential way in my today. I hope, I trust, I pray, I believe! —

This great experience lived during these days in Schoenstatt, Germany, began with the gratifying announcement by Father José Luis Correa, who confirmed that a couple of additional quotas were opened for the participation of members of the Schoenstatt Family of Costa Rica, on the occasion of the celebration of the Pentecost Congress from June 8 to 12, which opened the opportunity to represent the Men’s Branch and the Madrugadores in this Congress.

encuentro con Pedro Dillinger

Meeting with Pedro M. Dilliger after 38 hours of traveling

Traveling 38 hours to get to Schoenstatt

I quickly begin the preparation of the trip, first having to make certain adjustments to the itinerary, flight stopovers, etc. …. normal logistical issues of a trip of this type. The trip begins and the first circumstance occurs: the flight is cancelled on my second stopover from Boston to Frankfurt. I managed to solve it by getting a connection via Zurich, which added about 8 hours to a trip that ended up being three stopovers and 38 hours “door to door” since I left my home in Costa Rica to get to Marienland in Schoenstatt.

The truth is that I was able to take this incident on the “good side” knowing that I could offer it as abundant contributions to the “capital of grace”…after so many hours between airplanes, airports and the “running around” typical of a trip of this type.


Meeting with Maria Fischer

Joy of the encounter

I arrived in Koblenz on Sunday, June 5th and I began to experience the joy of meeting with very dear friends/brothers in the faith: Pedro Dillinger, of the Institute of Brothers of Mary, and with Maria Fischer, correspondent of, with whom I enjoyed pleasant moments together. I also had the opportunity to meet with Fr. Raúl Espina and I was incredibly surprised to share a pleasant lunch with several Schoenstatt Fathers at Mount Sion, among whom was Fr. Joselo, with whom I had the opportunity to be in Milwaukee a few years ago along with my wife Mercedes and my son David.



The bird

Tuesday arrives, the day in which most of the participants arrive in Marienland for the Congress and the first test comes, then I realize that it is rather a gift from the Blessed Mother…when I take the COVID-19 test it comes out immediately positive, I take a second discard test and it also comes out positive….for protocol they tell me that a third test is required, this time of PCR to determine with total exactitude if I have COVID or not.

At this very moment in which I am writing these lines, I am waiting for the result of the test: waiting, trusting, praying, believing….

Certainly, faced with the pure and simple context of one as a person, it was tremendously difficult for me to accept the fact that, after all the odyssey of being able to get to the Congress, I had to stay “locked” in my room. I assumed this situation with a high degree of concern and anguish, not only because I could be infected with COVID, but also because of the possibility of having infected my friends and other people I was with, before the tests that had been performed.

The last two days have been very intense in prayer, guided and supported also by all the people who here in this “Holy Land” take perfect care of me: The Blessed Mother, the Sisters in Marienland, Edi and all the local support team, my family, my federation course, the Costa Rican group here present and friends who are praying together with me, at this very moment.

I have the total certainty that God the Father has a perfect plan for me at this moment. He allowed me to come here, and I accept with trust and faith what He has arranged, and I know it is good for me. I will live a silent retreat, praying and asking intensely for the outpouring of the grace of the Holy Spirit on all those attending the Pentecost Congress, so that it may be very fruitful.

From my Window in Marienland, I continue to hope, to trust, to pray, to believe!!

Update: The PCR came out positive. I finally know from faith that this was God’s plan for my stay here in Marienland, praying and meditating from my window in Marienland.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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