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Mary, our way to heaven, guiding my life

MEXICO, Karla Leal • 

As an teenager, almost an adult, in the late 90’s, I used to climb up the sidewalk that existed at that time, and I carried a small bag with cement in one hand and with the other I held on to the ropes that were there to help us climb. Some time later, I remember the blessing of the wayside shrine that was built with the materials that so many young people carried up in backpacks. That day many little violet flowers came out and we all saw them as a sign of Mary’s joy. —

In 2002, the long awaited blessing of the shrine we had dreamed of and for which we had fought to make it a reality, arrived. Already married, I was 4 months pregnant with my eldest daughter. I thanked the Blessed Mother for the gift of motherhood.

In 2012 it was the 10th anniversary of this place of grace. I already had two young daughters and 12 years of marriage. In addition to the personal Covenant of Love during my single life, I added the Marriage Covenant …. and my thanksgiving multiplied.

Today, after 20 years, I arrive with my daughters who already surpass me in height and with a new Covenant of Love. Me with some silver hair and clearly marked expression lines, 10 years of being a “dancing heart of Mary” as a matachina, with almost 22 years of marriage and many other stories.

When does so much happen?

In the recounting of life, I find myself today with many petitions, some very different, others the same, the ones we all always ask for in life like health, protection, well-being… but yes, also with so much and so much to be thankful for.

I imagined myself 10 years from now. I asked the Blessed Mother what my dialogue with Her would be in that distant future, but looking back, it will come very soon. What would I continue to ask of Her? What else would I add to the list of gratitude? I do not know what my rhetoric will be, but what I do know is that today I thank the Blessed Mother for always covering me with her mantle.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for so much! Never let go of my hand!


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Ester Aragon, Monterrey, Mexico

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