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Happy first 20 years, María Camino al Cielo!

MEXICO, Gabriela de la Garza • 

It seems incredible the way time goes by when you love something, make it your home and recognize yourself as part of a big family. —

On May 18, 2001, a dream began on the top of a hill…a madness for many, with a very rustic and complicated access road, without public services…but with the illusion, commitment and much love the Schoenstatt Family of Monterrey blessed the Shrine of Maria Camino al Cielo (Mary way to Heaven).

There is no doubt that Mary took serious possession of the place, in these years several apostolates and great projects have emerged; the different branches have grown in number and in depth, and she has demonstrated that even in great difficulties she takes perfect care of her beloved ones.


Vigil- camp

So much gratitude

Today, Sunday the 22nd, we celebrated with great joy the first 20 years of this place of grace. From Saturday all day and all night, there was a prayer vigil in gratitude for so many blessings received during these years. Entire families camped out to be close to the Blessed Mother in this place of grace.

The day was foggy and with some rain, which was a relief since the thermometer had reached 40º C the last few days, terrible heat! But nothing stopped so many of us, who with great joy and hearts filled with gratitude, wanted to renew our Covenant of Love in this beautiful place.

Children before the Good Father God

MonterreyFor quite some time, we have been preparing ourselves spiritually to offer the Blessed Mother the symbol of the Good Father God, in her shrine, because She, through the Covenant of Love, has led us to a childlike experience of unconditional love from the Father, awakening the ” child-son”, “child-daughter” that is in each one of us, and that is the way to Heaven. This symbol shows us a child resting and abandoned in the hands of the Good Father God.

These 20 years I have lived together with my husband around this shrine which we have experienced not only as a place of grace, but as a real home. We have realized the many blessings we have received, the way she has been transforming and educating us with great patience and love through the many circumstances and situations we have had to overcome. And we can assure you from the depths of our hearts: To live hand in hand with God and the Blessed Mother, it is better!


Original: Spanish 2022-05-24. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México



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