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First Covenant of Love of the Boys’ Youth in Santa Fe

ARGENTINA, Agustín Toloza, Matías Zermatten, Matías Toledo, José Atencio, Lucio Roldán and Ignacio Buschiazzo, via www.schoenstatt.org.ar

December 12, 2021 will be from now on a historic day for the Schoenstatt Family of Santa Fe. On that day, at the Wayside Shrine located in the heart of the city, the first group of life of the Boys’ Youth sealed their covenant.

Last Sunday, after celebrating Mass in our place of grace, six young men sealed their covenant with our Mother. It was undoubtedly the most touching moment we have experienced so far as a group.

The founding group of the Boys’ Youth in the city

After walking together for a long time and sharing strong experiences, the desire of some became the conviction of the entire group that wanted to be part of this challenge, sealing their covenant with them or accompanying them in this process. With many fears and doubts, crossed by the pandemic and other turbulences, but counting on the fact that our Mother was the most determined to make it happen.

Unlike some groups of life that are formed after a retreat or special encounter, this group has the particularity that each one entered at the moment that the Blessed Mother decided that it should be so. Some were initiators and had to persevere for a while, until they caught the attention of other members who decided to stay. Others at the last moment, almost closing the door, without explaining well how it was that they ended up inside.

In the most diverse ways and with patience, she was putting together and consolidating this group that was the founder group of the Boys’ Youth in our city.

Juventud Masculina Santa Fe

Foundation for the growth of Schoenstatt in the city

It is a great joy to feel this way, to feel that she worked and accompanied us from the first moment until today and that she will continue to do so in the new conquests that we face as a group.

Although communication and sharing with other branches in the area has always allowed us to take examples to imitate, our branch lacked that group of life that would be the foundation for those to come. That group that others can see as older brothers and on whose image they can rely. Today we can give the Boys’ Youth of Santa Fe that gift, with the hope that this grounding will be the basis for the growth of our Schoenstatt Family.

Juventud Masculina Santa FeSource: www.schoenstatt.org.ar | With permission of the editors

Original: Spanish, 2021-12-17. Translation by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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